Enneagram Test With Instincts & New Types

Enneagram Test With New Types

This is an enneagram test that maps out your strongest enneagram types and your strongest instincts. This test goes deeper into the instincts and spends a longer time exploring how the instincts manifest in our behaviour. The test also adds four new enneagram types – anti-types – that are identified by having a weak one, two, six, or social instinct. Finally, you will get a result that tracks out your strongest emotional fixation. The Drive type represents the type most common to have your emotional response.

Results are still slightly bugged, but you should still get functioning scores. Save the link and return later for functional results!

1.I tend to get antsy around other people
2.I prefer to have people around me at all times
3.I need intensity in connections and experiences
4.I get attached to places easily
5.I tend to stay out of people’s business
6.I can get a little too clingy to other people
7.If I didn’t have to, I might never leave my house
8.I never feel at home anywhere
9.I tend to share too much with people I just met
10.I work hard to build homely environments
11.I tend to worry that my relationships aren’t deep enough
12.I tend to always have an outsider perspective
13.I find it hard to keep secrets
14.Change tends to scare me
15.I am always trying to change things up
16.I take a long time to open up to others
17.I have strong opinions on how to work and do things
18.Whatever happens, happens
19.I greatly enjoy contrast between sunshine – rain, breeze – storm, bright – dark
20.I forget about physical needs – food, sleep, touch
21.I tend to be critical of how other people do things
22.I don’t have any opinions on how other people solve their problems
23.I enjoy pleasure, sensation, thrill in the moment
24.I enjoy moderation and balance in everything
25.I tend to control my anger
26.I like to just do things on instinct
27.I tend to actively signal my presence to other people, through noises, actions, gestures
28.I make sure there is enough left for tomorrow
29.I like strong words and adjectives
30.I tend to be careful with my physical surroundings
31.I get frustrated when people do things in a way I wouldn’t do it
32.Sometimes I mess up on purpose
33.I struggle with feeling unappreciated by friends and work
34.I am sometimes too judgemental towards others
35.I spend too much time worrying about how other people see me
36.I don’t tend to think about how other people see me
37.I often forget to think about what I need
38.I frequently forget to think about how my actions impact other people
39.I like to impress other people
40.I am odd and I don’t care
41.I need other people to appreciate me
42.I feel overall more negative about other people
43.I know how to make people like me
44.I tend to assume people don’t like me
45.I think a lot about what to say to comfort other people
46.I can be a little hostile or mean towards people
47.I am too attached to the idea of being famous or well-liked
48.I find it hard to change myself for the better
49.I have a tendency to slow down decisions
50.If things are going slow, I find a way to speed things up
51.It is sometimes hard for me to let go of control
52.I don’t mind letting other people take charge
53.I like to wait and see what happens
54.I tend to get impatient and rush people
55.It’s hard for me to trust other people
56.I rarely question other people’s intentions
57.I am always thinking about the next opportunity
58.I dislike being rushed into things
59.I need a lot of reassurance from other people
60.I am sometimes oblivious to how the game works
61.I tend to take quick initiatives
62.I get anxious whenever I am asked to make a decision
63.It’s hard for me to leave work up to other people
64.I expect that people are truthful with me

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