#DiscoverYou – The Archetype Test

I’ve so far found 16 distinct archetypes and personas. These personas represent archetypal, historical strategies that we all use to get by in the world. The personas range from the innocent muse, the perfectionistic enneagram one, the self-preserving healers, and the restless explorers. The archetypes are a combination of the nine enneagrams and the three instincts, and four additional jungian archetypes: the Hero, The Rival, The Muse, and The Citizen. The test follows a scientific test standard, and I gather statistics on all of your answers so I can keep fine-tuning questions. It’s goal is to pinpoint which archetype is the most dominant in your life. After you’ve taken the test, use the menu to read more about your archetype, or join the chat and share your results in #enneagram. Good luck!
1.I want to accept and understand life
2.I want to live an interesting and stimulating life
3.I want to make new friends and connections
4.I want to have power and influence
5.I want the world to be balanced and fair for everyone
6.I want plans and structure for things
7.I want to be kind and good to others
8.I want to be true to myself and my beliefs
9.I want to perform well at what I do
10.I want to look at all the facts
11.I want to have stability and security around me
12.I want to always be stimulated
13.I tend to be appreciated by others
14.I tend to be popular and admired by others
15.I tend to be highly respected for my individuality
16.Everyone tends to like me
17.People say I’m fascinating
18.People find me wise and accepting
19.People find me smart and knowledgeable
20.People say I’m trustworthy and secure
21.People say I’m fun and enthusiastic
22.People often find me impressive
23.People describe me as peaceful and harmonious
24.People see me as principled and pragmatic
25.I’m trying to inspire people to work hard and follow the rules
26.I’m trying to make the world a better place
27.I’m trying to be more popular and successful
28.I’m trying to just stay true to who I am
29.I’m trying to just get more friends and connections
30.I’m trying to be a more cool and interesting person
31.I’m trying to become more wise and understanding
32.I’m trying to become smarter and more knowledgeable
33.I’m trying to become a more secure and trustworthy person
34.I’m trying to have more adventures and experiences
35.I’m trying to become more powerful and capable
36.I’m trying to become more harmonious and peaceful
37.I’m trying to become a more organised and dutiful person
38.I’m trying to teach people to work together more
39.I’m trying to be more helpful and supportive.
40.I tend to feel like people don’t understand me or my point of view
41.I can get people to see me in any way I want
42.I want to help people fit in and find a place in society
43.I want to show people they can become anything they want to
44.I want to use my wisdom and insight to help others
45.I want to stand up for the individuals and the outcasts
46.I want to inspire people to have great adventures
47.I want to teach people to think critically about things
48.I want to teach people how to deal with or overcome issues they have
49.I have learnt to always see the best in everyone
50.I have learnt to be careful with who I trust
51.I have learnt to be very sceptical of others
52.I want to be the person everyone can always count on
53.I find it important to remain innocent and pure
54.Its important to me to stay grounded and calm
55.It’s important for me to always be prepared for the worst
56.I find it important to always find a way to turn a situation to the better
57.I try to be chivalrous and brave
58.I try to play the game and follow the rules
59.I try to dream big and to maintain my ideals
60.I tend to always expect the worst