Enneagram Test

This test tracks your core Enneagram preferences. What personas and what archetypes do you draw on the most in your personal life right now? 
1.It’s very important for me to be the best
2.It’s important to me to put other’s needs first
3.It matters a lot to me, what other people think of me
4.It’s very important for me to not let other people influence me
5.It’s very important for me to fit in
6.I have someone or something that I will always put before myself
7.It’s important for me to respect and safeguard harmony and order in the world
8.It’s very important for me to be right
9.It matters a lot that I can be trusted by others
10.It is very important for me to always have fun
11.It’s very hard for me to let go of control
12.It is very important for me to consider everyone’s viewpoints
13.I am very perfectionistic
14.I tend to give so much to others that I quickly feel drained
15.I am always working hard to impress others
16.I am very careful about who I let in
17.I try very hard to not be weird
18.It’s very important for me to devote myself to what or who I love
19.I am worried about becoming corrupt or using my powers in a way that disrupts harmony or natural order
20.It’s very important for me to always keep my head cool and dispassionate
21.It’s very important for me to always know what’s going on with others
22.I always need more adventure
23.It’s very important for me to have power and responsibility
24.I am always thinking of new ideas and possibilities
25.I can always think of things I need to improve
26.I am always trying to use my powers to help others
27.I work very hard on my appearance
28.I often feel that others try to push me around
29.I worry that people will throw me out of the group or community
30.I want to spend every minute of my day with the ones I love
31.I want to have peace and balance and a long life
32.I want to have the real truth, even if difficult
33.I want to learn as much as possible
34.I want to live a rich life of action and stimulation
35.I want to drive forward order and structure in life
36.I want to dream and think freely and with an open mind

About Erik Thor

I am an INFJ and I want to combat the stereotypes and help promote personality psychology that doesn't limit or mistype you.