Erik Thor’s Flow Type Test

I designed this flow type test because I realised most of us are holding on to limiting beliefs and stereotypical ideas about ourselves. We are so focused on who we are and what we know about ourselves, that we often deny ourselves the ability to explore our hidden interests and passions.

The flow type reflects who we want to be, what we enjoy doing, our hidden potential. Your current self may or may not accurately reflect who you are when self-actualised and happy.

Your flow type may be blocked by a persona or role that you have taken on for family members and for loved ones. I have uncovered a lot of material about social psychology and created a system that will map out your dominant values and your flow type.

After finding out your flow type, you can browse through plenty of resources on the different values, the skills and abilities of different personality types, and your current level of development. From there, you will hopefully uncover clues to how you can grow and to improve yourself. My flow psychology aims to spread self-actualisation and happiness.

This is not a typology, this is psychology, this is about how you think and feel and what you value. I have realised that people are constantly shifting between different personality types and discovered that personality psychology is about personal growth, not stereotypes or boxing people in. The test relies on scientific metrics and standards to define people’s strength’s and abilities. It tests how you respond to various flow states and how you feel about various experiences. It asks you about what you currently find important and what things you are the most attached to. It can from there predict your top four strength’s. After this test, use the menu above to explore the content and resources on different personality types. Good luck!

1.I love to dream and to imagine myself in new situations doing new things
2.I am very restless, always searching for something
3.I love to be where things are happening and where the fun is
4.It’s important to me to be the one that takes responsibility
5.I want to understand humanity and why we are all here
6.It is important for me to set my own needs aside to do what is right for everyone
7.I like to be strong and powerful
8.It is very important for me to stand up for and protect myself
9.I like to brainstorm new ideas and changes and solutions
10.It is very important for me to create and reshape the world in some way
11.I like coming up with systems and strategies to deal with problems
12.It is very important for me to give of myself to other people
13.It is my passion to solve complex logical problems and to devise smart solutions
14.It matters a lot to me to work hard and to achieve strong results
15.I like to be a guide for humanity and to teach people about higher ideals
16.It is very important for me to always say and do what I think is right
17.I really like using various tools and instructions to make and build things
18.It is important for me to always be growing or changing myself in some way
19.I like to organise the group and to help the people in it manage various situations
20.It’s important for me to have fun with my friends and family
21.I like to keep things running smoothly and efficiently as they were intended
22.I am able to make hard and difficult choices to put myself ahead of a situation
23.I like to meet production goals and schedules and to reach material values
24.It is important for me to do what I find fun and enjoyable
25.I like helping and instructing people on how to do better
26.It’s important for me to make sure people are healthy and happy
27.I like to analyse and come up with changes that will improve a situation
28.It is important for me to say what I’m thinking even if it may hurt others
29.I like managing a group and keeping the team together and in good spirits
30.It is important for me to speak out when I see people do bad things
31.It is very important for me to be more reliable and trustworthy to other people
32.It is important for me to have friends and people who like me
33.I like to investigate people and what is inside them and why they think the way they do
34.It is important for me to always have a good time
35.It is important for me to keep a clear and level head and to avoid risks
36.It is important for me to nurture and support people in becoming who they want to be
37.I like to impress people with grand stories and to get them to imagine great things
38.It is important for me to keep a careful and impartial judgement
39.I like to organise and guide a construction process
40.It is more important for me to be a loyal friend than to be successful
41.I like to listen to people and to hear their deeper stories
42.I am never completely satisfied with anything
43.I like taking things apart and putting them back together
44.I am ready to make hard choices in order to keep moving forward
45.I like to work together with others to build and make things
46.I’m ready to give up my place in the group to lead everyone else
47.I like to dream up and explore elaborate scenarios and fantasies
48.It is important for me to make sure things are balanced for everyone
49.I like coming up with elaborate strategies and plans
50.It is important for me to remake the world
51.I like competition and challenge
52.The most important thing for me is being a hero, someone that will always try to do the right thing
53.I like starting up and organising projects and executing plans
54.The most important thing to me is making other people happy
55.It’s my passion to teach and guide the people around me
56.I’m ready to pursue my passion even if I don’t know if it will lead anywhere
57.I’m passionate about having fun and action
58.I’m ready to put my beliefs and dreams on hold to be realistic
59.It’s my dream to make things that are beautiful
60.I’m ready to give up security or stability for the sake of a chance to grow
61.I like coming up with ways to decorate my environment
62.I like coming up with alternative ideas and solutions
63.I like executing a project and making sure I meet target goals
64.I don’t want to think about life, I want to experience it

About Erik Thor

I am an INFJ and I want to combat the stereotypes and help promote personality psychology that doesn't limit or mistype you.