Flow Type Indicator

I score a person according to multiple dimensions, introversion, extraversion, feeling, thinking, intuition, sensing, judging and perceiving. Tracking how people think and what they value, I find out your flow type and who you are at your best. The accuracy of your results depend on how well you know yourself and your values. Your flow type is a reflection of your ideal self. Who you will become, if you become self-actualised. The test has 42 questions and takes about 5-10 minutes.

After you’re done, use the menu above to find out more about your personality type. The test measures your temperament, values, your cognitive functions, and your thinking preferences. Using multiple dimensions and social psychology and the most up to date and scientic standards currently known, this is one of the most accurate MBTI tests online. Good luck!

1.I like to have privacy and time to think by myself about something
2.I like to be brave if given an opportunity
3.I like going with the crowd and enjoying the moment
4.I like to be safe and to have stability
5.I like showing kindness and goodwill towards others
6.I like to keep track of and improve my skills and abilities
7.I like strategizing and working hard towards my ambitions
8.I like being honest and modest in the face of challenges
9.I like exploring a possibility even if it might be unrealistic
10.I like keeping a realistic outlook on life, focused on what is real
11.I like finding a different or alternative approach to what people suggest
12.I like to practice moderation and conservation
13.I like to stay modest and honest and true to myself
14.I like to spend time doing good acts towards the people around me
15.I like to come up with systems and strategies to achieve ambitions
16.I like working hard and with diligence towards an ambition or goal
17.I like to focus on my personal journey and path in life
18.I like establishing a routine, a traditional way of doing things
19.I like to go with the flow, take what is available, use what is at hand
20.I am the most interested in change, what could happen next, new options
21.I like developing my intellect, becoming smarter, and better at critical thinking
22.I like becoming more understanding, more empathetic, more forgiving
23.I like acquiring more material wealth, status, power
24.I like becoming a better person, more ethical, more sympathetic
25.I like forming concepts around various ideas to understand them together
26.I like formulating and brainstorming new ideas and new options
27.I like to discipline and to control myself and how I do things
28.I like to just accept and make do with what I have
29.I like simulating inside my head how a situation might have went down or how something will happen
30.I like to find evidence, statistics, and objective observations to back up my actions
31.I like to keep a rational and logical grasp of the world
32.I like acting in a way that is ethical and moral
33.I like to guide people from a distance
34.I like managing people and logistics
35.I like being an advisor or informant on people or logistics
36.I like to always have something to do
37.I like dreaming about how things could be at their best
38.I like formulating logical ideas on what to do next
39.I like to be practical and smart about things
40.I like working with my hands and with people
41.I like focusing on my health and my appearance
42.I like spending time on abstract and scientific pursuits
43.I like being physical and working with my hands
44.I like big dreams and higher ideals
45.I like to spend a long time working on a single project
46.I like to always have something happening around me
47.I like to spend a lot of time drawing or tinkering with something
48.I like keeping track of day to day events and making sure everything is in order

About Erik Thor

I am an INFJ and I want to combat the stereotypes and help promote personality psychology that doesn't limit or mistype you.