Personality Type Test

This personality type test divides people into sixteen personality types. The questions ask you about your preferences and what you enjoy and find positive. The goal is to answer as true to how you feel as possible: What do you really love? What do you find the most interesting? What do you enjoy? The test scores you based on your preference for IN / EN / ES / IS or FJ / TJ / FP or TP. You can be for example an INFJ, ISFP, or an ESTJ. 
1.It’s easier for me to think of theories and ideas when I’m on my own
2.It’s easier for me to know how I feel about something if other people tell me what they feel
3.It’s easier for me to remember information when I’m away from others
4.It’s easier for me to tackle a problem if I have a strategy for how to deal with it
5.It’s easier for me to think of ideas and theories when I’m in an active environment
6.It’s easier for me to manage a social situation if I have a code of conduct to follow
7.I like to discuss what I see and what I observe with others
8.I like to weigh and adjust my decision to what is smart in the moment
9.I become more peaceful when I can understand something theoretically
10.I tend to become less stressed when I know what other people think
11.Familiar things tend to make me calm and positive
12.Structure and organisation tends to make me less stressed
13.New patterns and opportunities tend to give me energy and calm
14.I tend to feel more relieved when I can talk to other people
15.I tend to feel more open and peaceful in active and intense environments
16.I tend to feel relief and passion when tinkering on something
17.Familiar things are calm but boring
18.Games are easy but unfulfilling
19.Philosophy is relaxing but uninteresting
20.Communication is easy but unfulfilling
21.I am relaxed but drained by intense environments
22.I find structure and order relaxing but unrewarding
23.I am calm during change, but it also drains me
24.I become relaxed but dispassionate when people talk to me about their feelings
25.I find the thought of a new possibility both frustrating and fascinating
26.I am both passionate and ashamed by how I influence others
27.I find living in the moment both interesting and annoying
28.Optimising my plans and execution in the moment is stressful but fulfilling
29.It’s fun but difficult to take time away to think
30.It’s important but stressful to think about what other individuals need at the moment
31.I like to take time away to study and rehearse ahead of a situation, but it’s hard to do so
32.It’s important to formulate plans and goals, but I find it stressful to sit down and do it
33.It’s frustrating to be present and attentive
34.It’s stressful to organise and plan my life too much
35.I get frustrated when I am constantly thrown new possibilities
36.I am highly dispassionate when thinking about how I influence an individual
37.I become annoyed when I miss out on new opportunities
38.I become highly dispassionate and cold when playing games
39.I become frustrated when I have to think about life
40.I am accused of being cold when communicating with others

About Erik Thor

I am an INFJ and I want to combat the stereotypes and help promote personality psychology that doesn't limit or mistype you.