The Hero Code Test

The Hero Code Test: Are you Green? Yellow? Red? Or Blue?

The four archetypes discussed in this test have been discussed in various personality tests and systems across the world. The archetypes exist in Harry Potter’s four houses – Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. But most commonly, these personality types are discussed in the DiSC personality tests offered worldwide.

The DiSC personality type shows that people can be divided into four basic subtypes. Those who value power, those who value peace, those who value order, and those who value chaos. Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red types. The hero code test brings together the traits of the DiSC but goes deeper to iron out the traits driving these types.

The green path brings together people who tend to be highly Conscientious and Dominant. The yellow path brings together people who tend to be Influential, energetic, fun-loving, supportive and Stable. Dominant. Influential. Conscientious, and Stable. If you know what you are, you also know what functions and intelligences that are your strongest.

Dominant types tend to be either strong judging, or strongly perceiving. Influential types unite both the most sensing of the sensors, and the most intuitive of intuitives. Conscientious types are either strong Thinkers or also strong Feelers. Stable types are either highly introverted, or unusually extraverted. This means a green type will be an xxXX type, with the last two letters leading the personality type. The yellow, stable and influential type, would rather value XXxx – the first two letters.

Take this test for a spin and find out if you’re an XXxx (Yellow),XxXx (Blue),xXxX (Red) or xxXX (Green) type. Share it with your friends and let them know what you got. Put on the sorting hat, I mean, take the hero code test, and find out your DiSC type.

1.I would be happy with a life of peace and quiet
2.It’s hard for me to sit still and do nothing
3.I dream to live a grand and impactful life
4.I generally plan my actions ahead of time
5.It is most important for me to be of help to others
6.I want to do a lot, but I often lack the energy
7.I am more fun loving than correct
8.It is easy for people to relax around me
9.It is important for me to feel like I’m in control
10.I tend to laugh when I make mistakes
11.I spend time making sure I learn my lessons
12.I usually try to get things my way
13.I tend to second guess my own decisions
14.I am able to take risks with ease
15.I wouldn’t do something unless I thought it was wise
16.I am able to fight for my own aims
17.I am always able to maintain a strong sense of humor
18.I am always pushing myself to be perfect
19.I am more clever than brave
20.I am more self-trusting than perfectionistic
21.I tend to be more sceptical of the system or of others
22.I tend to be more trusting and optimistic of the world and the bigger system
23.If I see something that is wrong, I have to act immediately
24.I tend to wait and see before I make my decision
25.I have sometimes put myself at risk for my goals
26.I don’t need to be somebody important
27.I am more ambitious than playful
28.I tend to be more playful than serious
29.I tend to invite and encourage conflict and debate
30.I need a reason to do everything
31.At the end of the day, the important thing is to have fun
32.In the end, I always seek consensus
33.I am always wondering who will benefit and who will lose from a decision
34.I tend to always be full of energy
35.I tend to get down to business quickly
36.I tend to be a peacemaker, not a rebel
37.I work hard to contribute to society
38.I don’t mind letting other people take over control
39.It’s hard for me to focus on school or work
40.I enjoy taking charge

About Erik Thor

I am an INFJ and I want to combat the stereotypes and help promote personality psychology that doesn't limit or mistype you.