The Big 5

The Big 5 is a highly scientific and strong tool to study personality. Easy to use, the Big 5 gives a clear description of your personality and who you are at the present moment. You could say the Big 5 is about how life has shaped you. How have your experiences shaped you so far? Has life made you outgoing, or have you become more reserved and cautious? 

Five personality traits

An outgoing type wants to life an active and eventful life where things are happening. There's a desire to meet new people, or to do new things, or to start up new projects. People who score low on outgoingness tend to be more reserved.

An open-minded type wants to learn new things, to try out new things, to consider new information. They're open to be wrong and eager to learn when there's a chance.

An agreeable type has a positive view of the world, where life is overall for the better, and people are overall more trustworthy. Things have a generally positive meaning and feel fulfilling to these individuals. People with low agreeableness are called "disagreeable."

A conscientious person believes themselves to be in control of the world and their own future. They feel responsible to use this control for the better and to act ethically. People who don't act conscientiously tend to be best described as lazy.

An emotionally stable person has on the whole, had more positive experiences than negative, and feel overall better about life than they feel negative about it. They tend to be confident and have a positive self-image and tend to experience less anxiety and worry. People who have low emotional stability are described as "neurotic".

Your present state

Remember that the Big5 is only about who you are at the moment you take the test. Your scores can change slowly over the course of your life. The best way to make a change is to explore your core values, your personality type, and your enneagram type.