The Enneagram

power of persona, the enneagram
I wrote a book called The Power Of Persona: How We Use Masks & How Masks Use us. If you want to explore the Enneagram and the MBTI, check out the book.

The Enneagram

We're all living life by some kind of script, conscious or unconscious. The enneagram is a system dedicated to studying these personas, scripts, archetypes. Find out your Enneagram type, and find out your script, and make sure you know why you do what you do.




Enneagram One - The Innocent

Fueled by the desire to be the best, the enneagram one type is a striver, who exercises perfectionism and who works without feeling satisfied, settling only for the best.

Enneagram Two - The Caregiver

An Enneagram Two type is fueled by giving and helping and being a good person. The core desire of the two is to feel good about themselves and to feel that they have put in their best effort in a situation.

Enneagram Three - The Performer

A performer is a hard-working type that seeks to prove their worth and skill to other people. The goal is to be admired and to be impressive in front of other people or to entertain and to make people laugh.

Enneagram Four (4) - The Rebel

An individualist is focused on maintaining their own individuality and being unique and original in the face of other people. A four wants to resist control and influence from other people. 

Social Instinct - The Everyperson

The social instinct is strong in a person who's core desire is to fit in and to be a part of the community. The social type will adjust and adapt themselves and will strive to be conscientious and ethical in the face of other people.

Sexual Instinct - The Lover

The Lover's core drive is to protect and preserve someone or something that they love. They are devoted to a craft, a passion, or a person they find to be of high importance. 

Self-Preserving Instinct - The Healer

A healer is driven to preserve and to protect harmony and balance in the world. Setting aside their own needs and interests, these types work hard to preserve what they find to be good and natural. 

Enneagram Five (5) - The Sage

A sage is a person that values their own wit and insight above all else. This person wants to act in trueness to their own reason and their sense of what is rational at all times. At times this type struggles with feeling isolated and ignored.

Enneagram Six (6) - The Hero

A seeker is a person that is on a personal search for truth and answers. This person may devote themselves to learning and to gaining knowledge and understanding of life. 

Enneagram Seven (7) - The Explorer

An Explorer is typically energetic and happy, forward-oriented, and thinking of the next step. A scout, an explorer, a detective, always trying to live an active life. 

Enneagram Eight (8) - The Ruler

An Enneagram Eight type is decisive and ambitious. Often a character of high virtue, a passionate voice, strong judgement, tactical prowess, or a solid strategy. These are authoritative, fierce, and strong-minded individuals.

Enneagram Nine (9) - The Creator

An enneagram nine type is open-minded, broad, all-considering, and perceptive. They entertain all ideas and perspectives in an attempt to mediate in conflicts and to expand their awareness. This open-mindedness typically makes this type highly creative and inventive.