The Enneagram

What is The Enneagram?

If you understand the enneagram, you understand the emotions that drive our cognitive processing. Emotions can trigger deep processing and reflection, development, but also more negative behaviour. And we need emotions to understand and deal with our unconscious.

The only way to understand the unconscious is emotionally, by feeling the information, not through being able to orient it with our thoughts and reason. Ever so often, the influence of emotions is understood in a too negative light. Emotions break down the self, while reason builds it up. But it is more than important to recognise that emotions can also play a beneficial role in our life, and that reason can play a destructive role in our lives.

Emotional and rational types

In certain times in our life, we will be more ruled by emotions. In other times in our life, we will be more ruled by reason. In times of positive emotional stimulation, often, INFJs come to appear like ENFPs, and ISFPs as ESFJs. Hence, the rational INTJ is an INTJ, while the emotionally stimulated INTJ behaves like an ENTP.

 Good Calm Optimistic  Excited 
Enneagram Two

The Performer

Stressed FP

Enneagram Eight

The Challenger

Calm IS

Enneagram Five

The Investigator

Stressed TJ


The Writer

Stressed NP

Enneagram Three

The Charmer

Anxious IF

Enneagram Nine 


Anxious ES

Enneagram Six

The Loyalist

Stressed TP


The Wanderer

Anxious EN

Enneagram Four

The Individualist

Stressed FJ

Enneagram One

The Progressive

Stressed SJ

Enneagram Seven

The Enthusiast

Anxious IT


The Rebel

Stressed NJ

The Seer

Anxious EF

 The Traditionalist

Stressed SP

The Questioner

Anxious ET


The Champion

Anxious IN

The Feeling Judging type knows instantly when the audience likes or dislikes something, and can adjust to keep up people’s attention. But they can rationally decide and plan out how they want to impact other people and what they want to do to keep the audience’s approval. They can feel others judgement and opinions on their works and want others to understand them and appreciate their contribution.