The Muse

The muse is a person that does something you like or find fascinating, in a way that you don’t quite understand. The muse has an unusual strategy or way of engaging you and the world. Sometimes, this will trouble you or cause you worry.

But resist the urge to try to control it and resist your early doubts and fears. Ideally, you will want to face your muse in a brave and bold way, authentic to yourself and your needs. If you can be true and if you can be yourself in the face of this archetype, you’ll be rewarded.

The muse may not necessarily be a person, but an environment, or a situation, or an animal. It represents qualities that are a part of you and your values and needs but an outsider in the sense that you rejected many of these qualities as a child. When you built your definition of yourself, you may have rejected qualities and things that interested you, perhaps out of fear, anxiety, or stress. These qualities are usually represented by the muse.

The muse

The muse is the person that has the same values as you (NF-NF, NT-NT, ST-ST, or SF-SF) but the opposite temperament. (IJ-EP, IP-EJ, EJ-IP, EP-IJ)

In basic:


Not your ideal partner

The muse is not necessarily your ideal partner, but a source of inspiration and a source of challenge on you. Your muse will act and express themselves in ways that force you out of your comfort zone. They will present opportunities that will give you energy and motivation to move where you haven’t been able to move before. This can cause you to feel stress and worry – growth is not always an easy process. But it should still be fun and fascinating, every step of the way.

Generally, the key to connecting with your muse is vulnerability. Practice healthy boundaries, show your true self to the world, and you will attract muses to you. Invite questions, feedback, criticism, and opportunities from others, and take a leap of faith. Generally, if you are able to set your fears aside, you will be rewarded in the process.