The Preferences

When I talk about personality types, I talk about nature. I talk about interests, values, and needs that are of a core importance for you. You have a set of preferences, and activities that will give you energy, stability, peace, satisfaction, and joy. Let's find out what these are!

Introverts (I) and extraverts (e)


Introverts orient themselves first from what they know, what they believe, and then compare that to what is in their environment.


The extraverts first orient themselves from what they hear, see, and notice, and then compare that to what they know and believe.

If you try doing it the other way around, you might find yourself feeling more unsettled and anxious.

Intuitives and Sensors


An intuitive is more interested and energised by abstract, theoretical, hypothetical information. 


A sensor is more open to tangible, immediate, clear, active, and evident information. 

When intuitives engage in sensing they become less open-minded and more drained of energy. Sensors are less open minded to change and to abstract ideas because they find them draining.


A feeling type cares more about nuance, social aspects and qualities in people, life, and work.


A thinking type is more conscientious about quantitative data, objective information, logic and rules.

Feelers and Thinkers

A feeling type is more careless and dispassionate about logical and objective information, and a thinker is more careless and dispassionate about feelings and values.

The Judger

A judging type is more goal-oriented, long-term, broad, and project-oriented. They care more about structure, guidelines, conduct, and how something is implemented in a longer perspective.

The Perceiver

The Perceiver is more flexible, adaptable, and responsive to change. A perceiver is more interested in the situation, the individual, the next step, and how things are implemented in practice.

The Judging type becomes more stressed and tense when engaging in Perceiving, and a Perceiving type becomes more stressed and tense when forced to engage in Judging.