The Prince/Princess

Sometimes, you will encounter prince/sses in the world around you. The prince/ss represents an archetype of something that needs saving and that needs to be protected and fought for. Usually it’s a person that means a great deal to you or that is important to your cause or mission in life.

Often, the prince/ss emerges when you are able to fight for something important or for a higher ideal, but when you are struggling to remain honest and true to your clarity and insight in the process. The prince/ss can feel like a spoiled brat, someone that needs taking care of, someone that has unnecessarily high standards on you.

These standards can put you at risk of compromising your own energy boundaries and doing things that won’t make you happy. But the prince/ss has the role of teaching you to stand up for yourself and to not compromise your energy in the desire to be kind and giving to others.

Who is the princess?

The princess represents someone that has reversed the second and the fourth letter in your type code, namely the S/N and the J/P.

This creates a formula where:


Setting healthy boundaries

The princess can bring up the fact that you’re idealizing a person more than you should and that you aren’t being completely authentic or honest to your needs and interests in dealing with this person. You need to find a way to balance your energy with the other person. On the other hand, the prince/ss offers you a lot.

They are usually people that matter a great deal to you. They mean the world to you, and you pride yourself on being there for and taking care of the other person. They also tend to have a very calming, peaceful effect on you. They are usually people that you can just naturally feel safe around.