The Neojungian Subtypes

In the Neojungian system, your behavior is constantly changing. The subtypes explain these changes – and how these changes impact you. When you act as a sensor, or when you develop your thinking side, that has impacts on your flow and your motivation. Your four letter code represents your flow-type. We call it the hero state. How you act when you feel motivated, calm, centred and full of energy. Ready for the world.

By changing the letter combinations, you can find out what subtype you’re currently in. When you’re stressed, inverse the J or P. When you’re tired or bored, inverse the N or S. When you feel unmotivated or apathic, inverse the F or T. And when you’re anxious or worried, inverse the I or E. INFJs under stress become INFPs. ENTPs under anxiety become INTPs. Intuition bores an ESFP. Feeling appears unimportant to an ENTJ.

The Four Subtypes

When you inverse your first two or your last two letters, that can put you into one of the four Neojungian subtypes. The Hero, The Mentor, The Sidekick and The Rival.

The Hero: When you act towards a higher goal or towards something you are fascinated with. When you feel the energy and when you trust in yourself and feel free from worries.

The Mentor: When you act towards a higher goal or something important to you but without interest or fascination, and when you experience doubt or worry if you’re doing the right thing or if people like you for it.

The Sidekick: When you act on something that gives you energy and which interests you but without feeling that it is inherently important or valuable, and without caring for consequences. When you feel stressed by the world and so you pull away from it.

The Rival: When you’re feeling threatened or afraid and stressed and when you lose faith in your values or what you think is right, and start acting out carelessly. A common response to a crisis or how you defend yourself.


The NF Subtypes



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