Voice Tone And Personality

I made this slightly outdated voice tone and personality infographic a couple years ago and it’s made quite a spread across the internet over those years. I’m now working on making a followup, but to do so, I need to do some more research and fine-tuning. Here, I’m just going over some basic studies on articulation and connecting it to what I know about the cognitive functions.

If you listen closely to how someone talks, you can get a clue into how they think.

  • Bilabial: Both lips come together, as in p, b or m
  • Labiovelar: Back of tongue approaches the soft palate and lips also come close to each other, as in w

“Please” “BB8” “Morning”

IF and FJ: Persuasive, playful, and serene p, b and m.

IFJs and ETPs have a persuasive, peaceful and playful speech. They come off as nonjudgemental and open-minded to people’s differences. They strike you as charismatic and goofy.

IT and TJ: Tense p, b and m. This type will come off as more serious and topic-oriented.

ITJs tend to come off dry, critical, and objective in their speech. They appear serious and down to the topic. They appear undiplomatic and matter-of-fact.

IF and TJ: The peaceful but serious, stern p, b or m.

IT and FJ: The critical, arrogant but jolly, fun, playful p, b or m.

  • Labiodental: Lower lip contacts upper teeth, as in f or v
  • Alveolar: Tongue tip contacts the alveolar ridge (the gums just behind the teeth), as in t, d, n, or l; or tongue blade contacts the alveolar ridge, as in s or z

IF and FP: Relax and broad f and v, drawn out and smacking f or v.

IT and TP: Focused tense breathy, short, concise f and v.

IF and TP: Focused relaxed breathy, drawn out f and v: Alluring and mystical f and v.

IT and FP: Broad but tense, short, concise f and v

  • Dental: Tongue tip or tongue blade (part just behind the tip) contacts upper teeth, as in the two th sounds (e.g. thin vs. this)
  • Postalveolar: Tongue blade contacts the postalveolar region behind the alveolar ridge, as in sh, ch, zh, or j; or tongue tip contacts the postalveolar region, as in r


Breathy, broad, stern, assertive, direct th


Precise, round, warm, persuasive th


Warm, persuasive y.


Cool, persuasive y


Warm, assertive, serious y.


Cold, serious, assertive, intimidating, cocky y

  • Velar: Back of tongue contacts the soft palate (or “velum”), as in k, g or ng

EF and FP: Warm and round, breathy, inquiring k, g or ng

EF and TP: Warm, precise, steady, drawn out k, g or ng.

ET and FP: Fast, elaborate, intimidating k, g, or ng.

ET and TP: Cool, assertive, fast, precise k, g or ng

IF: Breathy, drawn out

IT: Precise, swift