Wisdom (IF)

Wisdom is the core value of types that like personal reflections on what we find beautiful, meaningful, or important. “Wise” types include INFJs, ISFJs, ISFPs and INFPs, that tend to show high intrapersonal intelligence. These types enter a state of satisfaction and peace when they can find out what is important to them personally, and feel a sense of dissatisfaction or a loss of self when they become unsure of what they want and what really is meaningful.

Introverted Feeling

Artists and writers study themselves and their own character in rich nuance, seeing themselves from multiple different perspectives, and becoming aware of their own quirks, habits, and ways of being. They prefer to explore themselves from a distance, looking at themselves, as if they were looking through a mirror.

Artists enjoy writing or art as they can use it to summarize their reflections and what they learn, using the images, symbols, and passages to explain their findings. They are constantly rewriting and re-reflecting on their own experiences, learning more and more every time they dream.

Nickname: The Artist

Primary desire: To understand themselves and who they are.
Neuroscience: The ability to use the storytelling network and the subjective network in a way that puts you in a state of flow.
Core fear: Misunderstanding themselves
Inspired by: Actors
Grounded by:  Architects
Variations: INFPs, INFJs, ISFPs, and ISFJs
Jungian term: Introverted Feeling

Key motivations: Learning more about themselves and who they are, what it means to be happy, and what your own story is.

What Is Introverted Feeling?

Introverted Feeling is a self-reflection process through which you gain insight and awareness about your many quirks, habits, and values. If used correctly, it can lead to high intrapersonal intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to understand who you are. When you understand who you are, you have the key to be happy.

You know what the good life is, and how you can live to be in tune with yourself and your needs. So it’s a superpower. Without intrapersonal intelligence, a person can run the risk of making decisions that don’t reflect one’s true needs. The difficulty for an introverted feeling type is the weak systems intelligence. It can be hard to find a way to build a career of life that reflects who you are and what you love. Work and practical matters may force you to compromise, and the compromise can get the introverted feeling type to lose their flow.

Growth comes for an introverted feeling type that is able to go outside their comfort zone and not only consider their own needs and their own identity but the group and the people around them. When an introverted feeling type is ready to jump out of the window and to meet people, form relations, and to connect with others, they gain many rich experiences, and things to reflect and dream about. Introverted feeling types can sometimes deny themselves this out of anxiety or fear. But it’s always worth the leap, as soon as you feel ready.

The Artist

The artist finds themselves to be constantly changing. They see themselves as learning new things every day, and as constantly finding a way of being that is more “true” to who they are and what they believe. The artists can create elaborate stories or works of art, rich in nuance, and they can rewrite it, from a new perspective. They can think deeply about something about themselves, and they can change seemingly out of nowhere. And they can come to realize profound things about themselves just by being on their own.

The artist is always searching for their identity and who they are, often through contemplation and retreats. As a feeling type, the key is always to grow and to understand the deeper qualities of life, including the personal experience. As an introverted feeling type, this search is more comfortable when it happens on the inside. The artist can experience themselves changing many times, but it may not make a big difference on the outside. They may learn much about themselves, but they can still go on living more or less the same life, doing the same thing. The change happens more internally than externally.

Artists are more than capable with making peace with the external world and the life that happens around them. They are constantly processing the experiences they have around them but most processing happens on the inside, where they muse, intensely reflecting, and finding out new things, far below the surface. It can be hard for an artist to have to act or do something new that they don’t understand though. They may need time to process and come to terms with an experience before they can truly enjoy it.

Intrapersonal intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence gives you three primary gifts. Awareness of your personal self as apart from other people. The ability to study who you are and what is unique about you. The ability to make a judgement about who you are and what is true to you.

  • Personal awareness

Noticing things that are unique or weird about you. Spotting habits that you have. Finding out something that you like or care about through reflection. Finding out things that you do that you dislike or want to stop doing.

  • Personal study

Studying why you like the things you like and what caused you to like it. Questioning your habits and your actions and how they fit with who you are and what you think is good and bad. Reflecting on why you have become the person you have become, and what caused you to get like this.

  • Personal judgement

Judging what you think is right or wrong with you. Deciding what you like or dislike in yourself, what is you, and what is not you. Changing things that you dislike and feeling how you become different with every day and every new reflection. Exploring yourself on the inside and