Meraki means to do something with your own heart and soul. It reflects creativity and authenticity, revealing and leaving a piece of yourself in your work or art. My name is Erik Thor and I want to encourage self-exploration, authenticity, and creativity.

  • Flow Types: Everyone has a unique passion and talent – something they are uniquely good at, something they enjoy and value more than other people. Discover your cognitive functions and intelligences.
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The Sixteen Types





ENFP – The Renaissance Man/Woman
ENFJ – The Activist
INFJ – The Guru
INFP – The Empath
ENTP – The Da Vinci
INTJ – The Strategist
INTP – The Analyst
ESTP – The Entertainer
ESTJ – The Maverick
ISTJ – The Stoic
ISTP – The Fixer
ESFP – The Star
ESFJ – The Queen/King Bee
ISFJ – The Boy/Girl Next Door
ISFP – The Simple Spirit

The Beginner Stage

The Anima/Animus

We imagine life starting out grand and bold, but most of the time we are just lost. We have no idea where to begin, what to do first, or where to go. We spend most time in this stage going back and forth. Should I? Shouldn’t I? The beginner stage is characterised by vulnerability and doubt from the Anima/Animus.

Trial Phase

The Practice Stage

The Adult Archetype

At this point, we’ve started to take our first steps on our journey, whatever it is. We start gaining information, setting goals, tracking our progress. We gain the first feedback and we see where we are at and what we need to get where we want to go. The practice stage is characterised by goals and discipline from the Superego.

Challenge Phase

The Mastery Stage

The Hero/Heroine Archetype

It’s go time. You’ve hit the point of no return and you’ve committed to a project or a goal, and now it’s make or break. You receive your first real challenges – everything up to this point was pure practice. The mastery stage is when we manifest and step into the most heroic version of ourselves. Here, we have to show strength, dominance, and confidence to succeed.

Recovery Phase

The Redemption Stage

The Child Archetype

Erik Thor (INFJ)

How I became the smiling melancholic

My name is Erik Thor and I am an INFJ living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’ve been studying personality psychology for more than nine years now. Using the flow type approach, I’ve redesigned the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Carl Jung’s theories on the eight cognitive functions.

My goal was to connect these fascinating theories to the study of flow and happiness. Who are we when happy? What do we need to have more flow and energy? Using my insights, I try to help people better their relationships. I hope to help you connect more deeply to others, to find more meaning in life, and to have more success at work.