NEWS: Subtypes are here!

Enter the colourful world of subtypes. Subtypes are previously unexplored differences within different personality types. They map out our attitude to decision making, information gathering, how we form opinions, and to our creativity and organisation style. They also describe our temperament or attitude towards restraint, vs passion, or control vs freedom.

What is Neojungian Typology?

Neojungian Typology is an attempt to describe personality traits and personality types based on what puts a person in a state of flow. This instead of trying to type people based on stereotypes about their current appearance or actions or behavior in the moment. I’ve spent a long time studying different archetypes and values psychology hoping to understand people better. I think if we can understand each others better, we’ll have a better world to live in, too.

The Flow Type Approach

Learn about Neojungian Typology and Flow Typology

Learn about the various personality archetypes and how they look at their best

Discover your flow type and find out key personality traits you embody when in flow

Intelligence Test, Sixteen Intelligences, Erik Thor's Intelligence Test, Types of intelligences, Cognitive Function Test

The Sixteen Intelligences & Weaknesses Test

This is a cognitive function test that measures primary intelligences and abilities as well as your primary weaknesses in life, helping you pinpoint areas you are talented in and where you could use more development.

The Sixteen Types





ENFP – Front Seat Idealist
ENFJ – Front Stage Idealist
INFJ – Back Stage Idealist
INFP – Back Seat Idealist
ENTP – Front Seat Innovator
ENTJ – Front Stage Innovator
INTJ – Back Stage Innovator
INTP – Back Seat Innovator
ESTP – Front Seat Doers
ESTJ – Front Stage Doer
ISTJ – Back Stage Doer
ISTP – Back Seat Doer
ESFP – Front Seat Influencer
ESFJ – Front Stage Influencers
ISFJ – Back Stage Influencer
ISFP – Back Seat Influencer

Three core aspects of Neojungian Typology

Flow Types

In Neojungian Typology, everyone has a flow type. Your flow type is who you are at your best.


Your flow type is a combination of six key archetypes or values or intelligences.

Emotional states

Your personality or behaviour depends on your emotional state and if you are in flow or not.

What is a personality type?

We grow up without a clear concept of self, but gradually it becomes more and more clear that we have a personality and unique interests and values that are completely our own. We want things that are different from other people. We have unique stressors and things we are anxious about. Our self is the total combination of our inner heroes, angels, demons, and

  • Heroes:
    We most notice our unique values and interests when we are in flow. Then, we act in full capacity of self, with energy, passion, confidence and certainty.
  • We can also recognise our personality by what drains us of energy and motivation, what gets us to lose our flow and to become insecure and anxious.
  • Beyond that, we can see our flow based on the higher values we strive towards yet feel we are never good enough to deserve. Those are the angels of our nature.
  • Lastly, we can see it in our habits and what we do without thought or care. Silly things we say or do without thinking about it.

Discover your Enneagram Mindset

The Enneagram describes nine unique mindsets and strategies we have learned and rehearsed throughout our entire life. They can teach you the fundamental programming you have been under, and can help you change your script to feel more fulfilled and happy with your life.

The Nine Mindsets

Enneagram One – Perfectionism

Enneagram Two – Selflessness

Enneagram Three – Industriousness

Enneagram Four – Individualism

Enneagram Five – Thoughtfulness

Enneagram Six – Comfort-seeking or Counterphobic Six – Adventuriousness

Enneagram Seven – Explorativeness

Enneagram Eight – Power-seeking

Enneagram Nine – Harmony

And three instincts:




My name is Erik Thor

How I became the smiling melancholic

Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judging. I value kindness, depth and heart and empathy. I believe in helping those who need and leaving the world a slightly better place than how it was when I came here.

I’m Swedish but I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Travel, philosophy, fantasy literature, and music are some of my primary interests in life.

I started researching Personality Types and Flow Psychology about eight years ago. My approach is meant to combat stereotypical ideas prevalent in the existing MBTI and to offer a positive alternative. Send me a message and let’s talk!