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Feel understood without feeling boxed in

I believe in a personality psychology without stereotypes where people begin to understand themselves and others in high definition and from many dimensions. You have no limits, and if you learn to flow, you can accomplish so much.

Grow yourself

A flow type has a set of core values and needs that are unique to them. Freedom or privacy? What is most important to you?

Erik Thor

I am a youtuber that applies new methods and new theories and looks at many different systems from different perspectives.

Discover your mindset

Your mindset is your unique perspective on the world, nevermind your values, or your type.

Erik Thor Flow Type

I believe our personality contains four important aspects. Who we are in flow, who we are when in autopilot. Who we are when we force ourselves to act on fears and anxieties we have about certain things, and who we are when we are growing and changing and becoming more connected to our higher self. 

We should be able to live in a way that makes us happy, and we should be able to have positive experiences and to engage in more meaningful activities. We spend too much time doing things that we do not like and will regret when we grow older. Personality psychology can help solve this issue.

Two Personality Types

 These two opposites have completely different but not necessarily opposing values. The INFP comes from the perspective of introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving. The ESTJ from extroversion, sensing, thinking and judging. This means they enter into flow when engaged with completely different activities. INFPs when creatively reporting on their personal feelings and views to other people, ESTJs when working on a project or being productive and disciplined in something.

INFP - The Fairy Personality

INFPs are individualistic, focusing on themselves and their code of ethics. Intrapersonally aware, they have strong personal beliefs and intentions that guide them forward. Honest, modest, they pride themselves on having good character.

ESTJ - The Producer Personality

System- and community oriented ESTJs are extroverted and like to think about people and about the world around them in objective terms. Life is full of data and information and ESTJs want to realise their potential through hard work and strong effort. They are productive, ambitious, tough and disciplined.

Two Enneagram Types

There are about sixteen healthy differences in mindset. Some types, like the hearty Enneagram 2, find it most important to trust your heart and to do what you feel and to express love and care towards other people. Other types, like Enneagram 5, value awareness and knowledge the most, and believe in acting on their awareness before they consider the feelings and concerns of other people. 

Enneagram 5 - The Sage

Enneagram 5s are characterised by inquisitive mindsets full of questions. Everything can be questioned, nothing can be known for certain. The Sage doubts and thinks critically about the world. Their mindset is that nothing can be known for sure, but that does not stop them from trying.

Enneagram 2 - The Giver

The giver has a mindset focused on what other people want and need. They have a strong sense of duty, believing themselves to be responsible for the happiness and joy of other people. They work hard to ensure everyone is happy and that everyone has their needs met.

Erik Thor

Hey. My name is Erik Thor. I moved to Amsterdam for love and spent the last seven years digging into personality psychology, learning everything I could find on the topic. I quickly realized a lot of content was lacking on personal growth and decided to create my own interpretations to help people understand themselves and their own personal growth journey better.

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