What is flow? Discover Erik Thor’s Hero Types

What is a personality type and what is a cognitive function? Why study flow and what is flow really? To start off, my name is Erik Thor and I have developed the flow code. I talk about hero types, values psychology, and personal growth.

Importantly, personality psychology is not about your behaviour or what you do. You can act and behave however you like. Personality psychology is the study of what you like to do and what brings you joy in life. #flow #herocode #mbti

Learn about the Hero Types

I talk about sixteen hero types or unique ways of thinking. Furthermore, different people have different values and interests. If you can unlock your personality type, you can unlock more flow and passion in your life. However, you are going to have to do most of the personal growth work yourself.

The ENFP ‘Dreamer’ Values

The INFJ ‘Guru’ Values

What is your Hero Type?

Most importantly, take the personality test and discover the personality type that best matches your values and interests.

What is Flow?

Above all, the Hero Code is a toolset you can use to find out more about your personality type. This system will help you learn more about your values and interests and what you can do to enter a flow state. However, I will not be able to tell you what personality type you are. This is something that you are going to have to find out for yourself. But I can give you a lot of help and tools on the way.

Firstly, you can take the personality test to get started learning about different personality traits. Secondly, you can read about the personality traits and master the basics of every personality type.

In conclusion, you can learn about the Cognitive Functions and how to use them to think in flow and to resolve anxieties and mental blocks.

What is a personality type?

To clarify some things, let us first talk about some of the most frequent questions I get. But what is a personality type, what is a cognitive function? And lastly, what is a personality type, a value, and what is flow?

Frequently asked questions

What personality type most enjoys asking questions?

The ENFP and ENTP personality types most seem to enjoy asking questions. Certainly, INFPs and INTPs seem to really enjoy this process too.

Erik Thor, Coach, Empathy On The Go

Erik Thor

In this paragraph, I want to talk a bit about my background. Firstly, I graduated from Uppsala University studying Rhetoric and Sociology. Secondly, I moved to the Netherlands for love and to see the world. Thirdly, I’ve studied the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram for ten years.

Lastly, I’ve worked with Christian Johansson at Neojungian Typology on understanding the neuroscience of personality types. Moreover, I have also worked with Auburn from Cognitive Type on understanding the hidden body language of the personality types.

Lastly, you can always contact me if you have ideas for personality tests, theories on personality psychology, or if you have questions about my work.

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For instance, you can explore the website and my YouTube channel and become one of my Patrons for inside access and coaching for your personality type. To summarize, I have spent years developing videos and articles about the personality types. But I am just getting started. Eventually, I will discover all the secrets of the human mind.


I’m really happy to have a lot of fans from across the world. I’m glad to hear you are able to use the hero code for personal growth. For example, here are three reviews I have got over the years.

Erik Thor is an MBTI expert! He’s very wise, and gives wonderful advice. He’s nonjudgmental, and always available to his peers. He is devoted to his cause, and has a wealth of information. I implicitly trust his judgment.

Naomi, Facebook

You are able to place yourself in the shoes of other types notoriously well.

Getos, YouTube

I was so happy when I came across your channel. Love your videos because you’re really insightful and a step above all the other YouTubers who work in this area in my opinion that I’ve come across.

Mary, YouTube

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