Everyone has their own unique values and interests. What is your personality type? My name is Erik Thor and I have studied personality psychology for many years now and discovered many secrets to human behavior. I develop personality tests, videos, articles, and theories that can help people understand each other better.

1. Learn To Read Minds

I think people are way too self-absorbed. We should pay more attention to others, our friends, our family, our coworkers, and we should learn how they think, and what they feel. A person who can read minds and can understand people is also going to be a better friend.

2. Learn about the different MBTI types

An MBTI personality type has a combination of values that are unique to their personality type. Free-spiritedness, honesty, diversity, passion, that’s for the ENFP personality type. Humility, discipline, ambition and critical thinking, that is for the ISTJ. 

3. Start Developing Your Cognitive Functions

Everyone has a set of mental processes that literally occupy your mind and thinking on a daily basis. A person that can master and recognise their own mind and thinking patterns will become less prone to mental fallacies and cognitive bias. Make sure your mind is working for you, not against you. 

What is your flow type?

The study of personality types and personality psychology can teach you how to maintain a positive state of flow. Using Carl Jung’s theories, I have created a system of sixteen flow types. Every flow type has a set of interests, hobbies, values, and actions that will put them in a positive state of energy, motivation and confidence. What is your type of flow?

Personality psychology has a way of pinpointing how we work and makes us feel understood. It also helps us become better at motivating ourselves. It can help you find the right career and it can help you find more happiness and joy in life. As you become better at understanding other people, you also find yourself developing interpersonal skills, and become better at dealing with other people.

The Personality types

Perhaps you have heard of the DiSC personality instrument, that groups personality types into four colours. If you’re already familiar with this theory you can also use it to understand the MBTI. In the MBTI, there are sixteen personality types, of which four are versions of the DiSC personality types. The other twelve are combinations of the different colours. Perhaps you were always a mix or red and blue? Find out now. 

The four most simple types to help you understand the MBTI are the INFP, the ENFJ, the ESTP and ISTJ personality types. The INFP is the conscientious blue type, the ESTP is the influential and energetic yellow type. The ENFJ is the passionate and emotionally charged, idealistic ENFJ. The green type is the steady and accountable, patient and persistent ISTJ type. 

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ENFJ “The Activist”

ENFJs tend to love talking about dreams and opportunities with other people. They have wild ideas and love to work long-term towards a grand project or idea. They embody the color of red, passionate, opportunities, visions, and being close to the community. 

INFP “The Seer”

Private, honest, introspective and creative. INFPs need to dive deep into things and to speak honestly and authentically about things. They prefer to do things naturally, because it feels right. They connect to the color of green, deeply contemplative, sensitive, introspective, truth-seeking and with many sides to it.

ISTJ “The Pillar”

The ISTJ personality type is even-tempered, balanced and structured. They enjoy control and working on projects. They are disciplined and organised and good at keeping track of time and what they need to do when. Green is the color of steadiness, structure, order, understanding of nature, systems, and principles.

ESTP “The Influencer”

The ESTP is active and engaging and likes to get attention to themselves. They are tough and spontaneous and like to see the world objectively. They are good at thinking about what to do and how to get the job done in the moment. Yellow is the color of influence, energy, attention, spontaneity and going with the flow.

The Sixteen Personality Types

Beyond the above four, there are sixteen personality types in total and all have different personality traits. They think and see the world in a unique way, different than everyone else. Your personality type is your hero code and defines what you think it means to be a hero or to be in flow.

The Yellow ESTP finds flow in action, spontaneity and problem-solving. The Blue INFP in philosophy, change, and doing the right thing ethically. But there are also ENFP and ISTP personality types, and many more, that are variations of these four base colors.