Erik Thor's MBTI Flow Code Explained, 16 personalities flow, mbti flow, mbti hero code

The MBTI Flow Code

Erik Thor & The MBTI Flow Code. Self-realisation should be the goal of any healthy individual. Instead of trying to fill the mold and expectations of society and your family, aspire to instead become the best version of yourself. There are many versions of the MBTI, but not all are healthy. Some are just there …

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ENFP Omnivert, ENFP Introvert, ENFP Ambivert, ENFP Extrovert, Shy ENFP

The ENFP Omnivert – Why ENFPs Aren’t Extroverted

NEITHER EXTROVERTED NOR INTROVERTED. Meet the ENFP Omnivert. Many ENFPs struggle to determine whether they are extroverts or introverts. Often, these types feel that they somehow manage to be both at the same time. The ENFP Omnivert is not outgoing like the ENFJ, and not withdrawn or reserved like the INFP. Instead, like the INFJ …

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INFP Neuroticism, INTP Neuroticism, INFP Anxiety, INTP Anxiety, INFP Stress, INTP Stress

INTP and INFP Neuroticism Explained

INTP and INFP Neuroticism. We live in a world that tends to celebrate extroverts and critique introverts. Introversion is still today seen as something negative, while extroversion is regarded as something positive and healthy. The two personality types that suffer the most from this are the INFP and INTP personality types. INTPs dominate the charts …

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Spiral Dynamics Test, Maturity Test, Growth Test, Human Stages Test, Evolution Test

Spiral Dynamics Test

SPIRAL DYNAMICS TEST. How far along are you on the scale of human evolution? This personality test works with nine distinct levels, defined by colours from beige to coral. Each stage is associated with a different set of challenges and benefits. The first stage, Beige, is associated with learning to overcome hardship and struggle. The …

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INFJ vs INTP Personality Test, INTP or INFJ MBTI

INFJ vs INTP Personality Test

INFJ VS INTP. Are you more of an INFJ or more of an INTP? Take this personality test and find out! This personality test focuses on some of the key characteristics of these two types to help you tell the difference between the two. There are significant differences in the cognitive functions and values of …

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Karen Personality Test

Karen Personality Test – Which Level Karen Are You?

Are you the greatest fear of every cashier or customer service agent? Or do you treat retail workers with respect and politeness? Which level of Karen are you? I developed this test with inspiration from Dante’s Inferno. That means that there are nine levels of Karen. Which level are you?  

Introvert, ambivert, omnivert, extrovert

Introverted Extrovert or Extroverted Introvert?

Introverted Judging types are introverted extroverts, meaning that first, they are people that draw their energy from their subject and their own thoughts and ideas. Secondly, they are people that proactively try to use their subject to influence their external environment in a controlled manner. Read about them here. Extroverted Perceiving types are, following this …

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