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Oh, a post on INFJ anger. This is where I tell you all that, oh, when an INFJ is pushed […]
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The capacity for an INFJ to see the world in its most ideal form has a dark side: it can […]
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Are you an ENFP or ENTP? Who is the smartest, or most compassionate of the two?
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Find your dream self

I'm sure lots of people have ideas about who you are, but in the end, you know yourself best. My test can help you rediscover yourself. What is your personality type when you are at your best?
Discover my resources on the 16 personalities and learn what personality type you are. 
The Enneagram is a tool to understand your mindset and thought patterns. Do you have limiting beliefs that keep you from being fully yourself? 
DiSC is a simple tool to understand your coworkers and their temperament. You can use it in group settings to better understand how to communicate with others. 

The 16 Personalities

In the MBTI, there are 16 unique personalities. On my website, you can learn about the different personality types and about yourself.


I've found that politics is something more personal than objective. Ultimately, our political values depend more on our core values […]
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INFJ vs INFP. This INFP vs INFJ MBTI Test will help you better understand these two types. I know a […]
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SPIRAL DYNAMICS TEST. How far along are you on the scale of human evolution? This personality test works with nine […]
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What is your Personality Type?

My name is Erik Thor, and I have one of the most watched YouTube channels in the world of personality psychology. Find out your personality type and learn about who you are in flow.

Take The Personality Test

Free MBTI Test, MBTI Personality Test, Cognitive Function Test

Can I find out who you are? My personality test gives detailed insight on your values, cognitive patterns and personality traits.

Discover the 9 Enneagram Types and learn how mindset influences your actions and thought patterns.

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