Your MBTI type shows you which of the below eight interests speak to you the most:

Reasoning, intention, theory and memory



Decisions, ethics, patterns, and experience

Philosophy, Investigations, Strategies, Change



Knowledge, Nature, Action, Discipline

Art, Acting, Diplomacy, Truth



Science, Mechanics, Systems, Skills

Instincts, Listening, Solutions, Options



Structure, Grammar, Rules, Communication

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Understand yourself without stereotypes

I have spent many years investigating various personality types and unique individual traits, and I have found that everyone has a set of hidden gifts and abilities. Learn about your unique personality and discover your true calling, so you can strengthen relationships, get more satisfaction from life, and more fulfillment from work.

Your personality type

Start expressing yourself in high definition, and discover hidden colors and nuances within yourself.

Your calling

Discover your true calling in life and find out what you are meant to be.


It is very easy to misunderstand your friends, partner, or family members. But not if you can think like they do.

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We have a community that reaches 100,000s of people every month. People are sharing content, articles, videos, researching everything there is to know about their personality type. We are all really eager to learn about ourselves and other people. I mean, is there anything more interesting than people? 

We all have to deal with people on a daily basis, and it helps knowing why a person won’t open up to you or why that guy at the meeting always has to disagree with your decisions. (Yeah, rival types can be annoying, huh?) 

Two Personality Types

INFPs are all about authentic self-expression. Being true to yourself, being a dreamer, showing empathy, speaking truthfully and being a good person. ISTJs on the other hand, believe more in traditional values, honor, family, and discipline. There is an idea of duty for the ISTJ, where for the INFP, it is all about self-expression and being yourself. The ISTJ believes in moderation and conservation of good things, where INFPs seek understanding and awareness of the future and of existential matters. 

INFP - The Fairy Personality

INFPs are individualistic, focusing on themselves and their code of ethics. Intrapersonally aware, they have strong personal beliefs and intentions that guide them forward. Honest, modest, they pride themselves on having good character.

ESTJ - The Producer Personality

System- and community oriented ESTJs are extroverted and like to think about people and about the world around them in objective terms. Life is full of data and information and ESTJs want to realise their potential through hard work and strong effort. They are productive, ambitious, tough and disciplined.

Two Enneagram Types

There are about sixteen healthy differences in mindset. Some types, like the hearty Enneagram 2, find it most important to trust your heart and to do what you feel and to express love and care towards other people. Other types, like Enneagram 5, value awareness and knowledge the most, and believe in acting on their awareness before they consider the feelings and concerns of other people. 

Enneagram 5 - The Sage

Enneagram 5s are characterised by inquisitive mindsets full of questions. Everything can be questioned, nothing can be known for certain. The Sage doubts and thinks critically about the world. Their mindset is that nothing can be known for sure, but that does not stop them from trying.

Enneagram 2 - The Giver

The giver has a mindset focused on what other people want and need. They have a strong sense of duty, believing themselves to be responsible for the happiness and joy of other people. They work hard to ensure everyone is happy and that everyone has their needs met.

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