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Discover The 16 Personalities in Flow

You have a core personality that represents who you are when you are the most confident in yourself. As an Introvert, you are at your best when you can play inside your head. As an Extrovert, you are at your best when you are out exploring. Discover the Intuitives, the Sensors, Feeling, Thinking, Judging and Perceiving types and learn more about your flow code.

Find your ideal career

You can use your knowledge of the MBTI to create your ideal career, finding a job that matches your interests and a workplace that shares your values. You can also use the MBTI to make changes at your workplace to better match your need, getting more time alone, or more time working on creative projects.

Improve your relationships

You can use the MTBI to improve your relationships and connect better with other people.

Learn how your mind works

Study the MBTI Cognitive Functions to figure out and better understand your mind and your thinking patterns.

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Erik Thor, Coach, Empathy On The Go

Erik Thor

I work to expand our empathy and awareness of one another and teach personality psychology. I provide courses, YouTube videos, Podcasts and Coaching for people looking to understand personality types better.

About me

I work with the Enneagram to understand how mindset connects to type and Spiral Dynamics to understand how growth and maturity can influence our personality. I take inspiration from DaveSuperPowers, Dario Nardi, Personality Hacker, Neojungian Typology, and Beatrice Chestnut. My work is an integration of different theories put together based on what has worked for me to improve my personal life and my relationships.



Erik is an MBTI expert! He’s very wise, and gives wonderful advice. He’s nonjudgmental, and always available to his peers. He is devoted to his cause, and has a wealth of information. I implicitly trust his judgment.

Naomi, Facebook


You are able to place yourself in the shoes of other types notoriously well.

Getos, YouTube


I was so happy when I came across your channel. love your videos because you’re really insightful and a step above all the other YouTubers who work in this area in my opinion that I’ve come across.

Mary, YouTube

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