What is Neojungian Typology?

Neojungian Typology is an attempt to describe personality traits and personality types based on what puts a person in a state of flow. This instead of trying to type people based on stereotypes about their current appearance or actions or behavior in the moment. I’ve spent a long time studying different archetypes and values psychology hoping to understand people better. I think if we can understand each others better, we’ll have a better world to live in, too.

The Flow Type Approach

Learn about Neojungian Typology and Flow Typology

Learn about the various personality archetypes and how they look at their best

Discover your flow type and find out key personality traits you embody when in flow

Three core aspects of Neojungian Typology

Flow Types

In Neojungian Typology, everyone has a flow type. Your flow type is who you are at your best.


Your flow type is a combination of six key archetypes or values or intelligences.

Emotional states

Your personality or behaviour depends on your emotional state and if you are in flow or not.

What is a personality type?

The personality is not one singular aspect but a combination of many different aspects balanced internally as one. We are all of these aspects equally, as much as we allow them in ourselves. We can’t see ourselves by our parts but only as the whole, that means, it is inaccurate to describe yourself as an introvert, because you are only as introverted as you are anything else, for example intuitive, or feeling. You are then, better described as a perfect harmony of different traits.

  • Every person has a set of six heroic ideals or flow functions. They embody these values when they are the most confident and the most in tune with their higher values.
  • Besides this, you have a set of six regressive aspects, or blind spots. They embody the deeper insecurities and worries you have, as well as the areas you feel the most weak in in our life.
  • More than this, we have some Angels: Dreams or aspirations. Things we wish to do and value yet feel powerless to control or make happen.
  • Finally, we have four Warriors: Bad habits or conscious tendencies we tend to engage in when we are stressed or pressured.

My name is Erik Thor

How I became the smiling melancholic

Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judging. I value kindness, depth and heart and empathy. I believe in helping those who need and leaving the world a slightly better place than how it was when I came here. I’m Swedish but I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Travel, philosophy, fantasy literature, and music are some of my primary interests in life. I started researching Personality Types and Flow Psychology about eight years ago. My approach is meant to combat stereotypical ideas prevalent in the existing MBTI and to offer a positive alternative. Send me a message and let’s talk!