The ENFP health levels vary from situation to situation. An ENFP will sometimes experience stress and illness, and sometimes, we are put in a crisis situation. In these situations, our behavior changes drastically. This is important to know, because an ENFP under long term stress may sometimes forget about who they are and what they need to be happy. Learn to separate positive habits from negative ones.

ENFP Health


At level one, an ENFP is outgoing, creative, social, and adaptable.

At level two, an ENFP facing stress or pressure from work, can become more cool, detached. They’re still fully in touch with their creativity, which they focus and channel into work or a specific project.

At level three, an ENFP facing anxiety or health issues tends to become more practical, security oriented, and reserved. They may feel more worried and insecure, doubting relationships and finding it harder to share with other people.

At level four, usually in a crisis situation or in conflict, normally buoyant ENFPs tend to become tough minded, practical, and cool headed. They’re able to take tough calls in the name of survival.

How to maintain your ENFP health 

  • Create, go your own way, let your imaginativity flow, talk about ideas with your friends.
  • Show people your vulnerable side at times. Schedule in free time in your calendar. Draw, write, find peace.
  • Don’t limit yourself too much – you don’t have to be the perfect parent, caretaker, daughter all the time.
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