Visual typing can be a fun party trick, but it’s hard to do accurately, and it’s easy to get it wrong. Numerous websites offer to teach you visual typing but few can present any proof or consistency in their methods. Still, I remain hopeful that it is possible to do it well – if the personality test is good, and if the typing methods are consistent. But I have not been able to completely perfect these methods. They are experimental at best.

Visual Typing

Squinting indicates use of introversion

Here is the ENFP (Ryan Gosling) and INFJ (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), both with a mild squint. The squint indicates that they are being introverted. They’re thinking about something, considering their own priorities. The core idea is that Introverted Sensing types (XNXPs and XSXJs) have a concerned, guarded look, like they’re watching you closely. Also, XNXJs and XSXPs have a dreamy, lucid look, as if they’re seeing through you.

Remember, squinting only means that they are using introversion, not that they are introverted.

The cheeks indicate use of judging

My theories go on to suggest that Extroverted Thinking (**TJ and **FP) makes your cheek muscles tense up. Extroverted Feeling, on the contrary, makes your cheeks relax. Relaxed cheeks are overall more animated, they are unlocked and naturally express your emotions. Extroverted Thinkers, even when laughing or angry, have less facial gestures in the cheeks. The extroverted thinkers cheeks signal power, strength, and coolness. Extroverted Feelers cheeks signal warmth, trust, and kindness.


Open eyes indicate extroversion

Extroverted Sensing makes Natalie Portman appear more vigilant. I think that when her eyes are open, unlocked, she has a present look, like she’s completely aware of you, that she’s looking right at you. She looks hungry like you’re her lunch. XSXPs and XNXJs all share this signal.

Extroverted Intuition make Sarah Chalke appear more excited, her eyes don’t appear set on any specific target, she’s looking everywhere, considering multiple contexts, and multiple ideas. XNXPs and XSXJs all share this tendency – as long as the eyes are open!

The jaws indicate perceiving

Introverted Feeling makes Sarah Chalke come of as more hopeful, yearning, and idealistic. I believe this is because her jaws are relaxed, unlocked: this is where you see a small glimpse of the introverted feelers emotions. Her smile looks natural, discount the cheeks, relaxed, authentic.

Natalie Portman, the introverted thinking type, has tense jaws. They appear locked firmly in place. I would describe this as smart, clever, methodical, analytical.

Is Visual Typing Worth It?

Visual Typing is a big adventure and requires you to study yourself and people around you closely. But you can quickly begin to recognize the signals, and it can give you an edge in typing others swiftly. Just be careful: your eyes can deceive you.

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