We’re finally able to predict how each personality type grows at their best. Learn how below.


Newsletter #2

Neojungian news

Hey, and thank you for following our newsletter! Today we’re announcing some big updates to the website and to the project.


Major updates to the personality test

We’ve made the test better. There are more & better questions, and we’ve become alot more accurate. What result do you get?

We are making some big changes to personality psychology. Did you know your personality isn’t just about your behavior, but also about your beliefs? Learn about  how your beliefs impact your behavior. Erik sorts things out


We project what we don’t identify with onto others, for good, and for bad. What we project onto others fuel our own actions and how we see the world. Explore your unconscious beliefs here!


Updated descriptions

for all types available at neojungian!

Have you ever been wondering how introverted intuition perceives extroverted intuition? We have founds some answers on how Ni and Ne users see each other!

Why is our model something special?

Because we’re constantly growing. At Neojungian Academy, we don’t believe that things are written in stone. As the human knowledge evolves, our perception changes! We base our model on the latest neuroscience research. We aspire to stand on objective footing.

There are many different models and opinions out there, but we’re not just guessing, we actually provide references and theories that can be tested and falsified. With other theories you may never find out what’s right or wrong, because it’s all just too vague and generic. We don’t claim to always be right, but because our theories can be tested, our project will become more accurate with every day.



The problem with MBTI

At first, MBTI provides you with a feeling of being understood, figured out. The MBTI provides you with the language you’ve been missing and allows you to find other people similar to you. But what’s the next step? How do you use personality profiling for personal development?

What would you do if you could redefine MBTI?

The Hero's journey

The journey of you

We are beginning to learn that each type has a different journey to walk. So on the way to growth, your type is going to encounter some unique problems and pitfalls. And we can now roughly tell you what you can do to grow, and how you can ensure balance, and how you can remain motivated and true to yourself on your journey. And this journey progresses from several phases.
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