There are big differences between individual ENFJs. And an ENFJs behavior can change depending on when you are stressed but focused, or when you have anxiety and seek relief. Here are the four ENFJ subtypes.

ENFJ Oprah Winfrey

ENFJ Oprah Winfrey

The Lion King

Passionate ENFJs

Extroverted feeling represents your passion, and when you successfully use this function in a balanced and proactive way, you come into a state of flow. People who can master and maintain this flow for a long time fall into the lion king subtype.

The lion kings are proactive people-persons. They provide social comfort and structure and are good at managing and taking care of their tribe. They create spaces for optimism and for advancing a progressive social cause. They are reaffirming and proactive, advancing their vision while carrying their family or the people important with them in the process.


An ENFJ with strong introverted intuition?

The Secret Agent

Stressed ENFJ subtypes

Easily mistyped as: INTJ

Introverted intuition represents how you grow. ENFJs use introverted intuition with wisdom and caution, making them a lot more guarded and careful about this function. ENFJs are often seen as easy to read on the surface, but be advised. ENFJs can have many hidden secrets and plans.

Being able to guard and maintain these secrets can be important to keeping up your public image and furthering your goals, but it sometimes requires you to restrain your extroverted feeling. You can’t always share what you want to say or say what you wish. Instead, through introverted intuition, you proceed by a careful strategy. This is a tense ENFJ subtype – highly proactive, but a little too bound by duty or your parents expectations.

Introverted intuition can help in providing you with long-term vision and plans, but it can also cause you to feel stressed and overburdened. In times when you use this function, you go under ground. You act incognito. People may not know who’s side you are on, until you’re finished playing out your cards.

ENFJ in the street artist subtype?

ENFJ in the street artist subtype?

The Street Artist

Anxious ENFJ subtypes

Easily mistyped as: ESFP

ENFJs who put a lot of stress on extroverted feeling, and who are more extroverted, can become the most true extroverts of extroverts. In the street artist subtype, you find ENFJs who are highly outgoing, persuasive, and smooth, but a little erratic. This is a very humorous ENFJ. This is an ENFJ who plays tricks on people. They come up with the most crazy of pranks, and charge out the first to greet the rising sun.

This type is highly optimistic and energetic, but far too impulsive. This ENFJ can easily find themselves saying things they regret, or doing things they didn’t intend. They can become tied between different interests, unsure who they care about the most, and unsure about who they are. But you are also the light of the party and a whirling tornado and people can’t help but be captivated by your energy.

Melinda May in Marvels Agents of Shield: An ENFJ in the boxer subtype?

Melinda May in Marvels Agents of Shield: An ENFJ in the boxer subtype?

The Tough Boxer

Stressed and anxious ENFJ subtypes

Easily mistyped as: ISTJ

In this fourth and most rare subtype, ENFJs become more introverted, guarded, tough minded, and hardcore. With the poker face of the millenia, these ENFJs look at people with careful dismay and irritation. People begin to strike you as burdensome and relationships are best tossed aside. You don’t have time for people, and you don’t want to invest your energy in them anymore.

You don’t think you’re worth it, because you’ll just let them down anyways. But your toughness can also help you. In this type, you’re work-focused and stable. You do what you’re told, albeit sometimes with a condencending tone. Your toughness and your introverted thinking function helps you retain a set mode of operating.

You’re slightly more mechanical and sturdy, with the persona of a tough boxer or MMA fighter. You can ignore pain and proceed with a task though you are damaged or stressed, but you rarely express much.

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