Are you an INTP-Ti Hacker? Or perhaps an INTP-Fe Teacher? Discover the INTP subtypes in today’s article.

INTP-Ti “The Hacker”

Unforgivingly clever and an opponent of ignorance. The INTP Problem Solver rules with Introverted Thinking. The attitude of their Introverted Thinking is dominant, and they will push it on te world without relent. They see how the world can be improved and will drive forward improvements and changes in the world.

Not afraid to step on anyone’s toes, you ignore interpersonal matters and believe that who is right, will win the race. You seek to be known for your knowledge and for your skills. You spend plenty of time pushing and polishing your intellect, developing yourself to be better, and smarter. The INTP-Ti types will make up their minds quickly and have an instinctive grasp for what is correct, and what is false. You enjoy argumentation and can examine arguments and deconstruct ideas quickly.

INTP-Ne “The Tester

A beta-tester and creative, you enjoy exploring new ideas and seeing how your intellect can be used to drive forward innovation and change. You come up with new experiments and have a devotion to learning and the truth. You are not afraid to change your mind and practice higher openness than the average INTP. Still, you also do not bow to the tribe, and will pursue your ideas even if people warn you about potential consequences. In this way, you are not afraid to balance the line of right and wrong or to defy more conservative elements in society.

A fan of tinkering and trial and error, you are prepared to try out new ideas even if you might make a few mistakes along the way. A wrong answer or negative outcome is just as valuable as a positive answer or positive outcome, as both translate to learning and discovery. People may describe you as eccentric, as you are able to entertain crazy ideas and come up with intuitive new systems.

INTP-Si “The Academic”

You believe in polishing ideas and testing your beliefs. You take your time to observe and form a conclusion before you proceed with an idea. INTP-Si academics want evidence to support their beliefs and so you spend plenty of time researching different subjects to ensure you understand them correctly. Critical thinking and source reviews are important to you. You enjoy to contrast ideas against each other to understand which ones are superior. You weigh the pros and cons of different ideas to see how they work.

INTP-Si types lead with Introverted Sensing and so, practice is important to you. You want to be taken seriously and so you weigh your words and actions carefully. Your reputation and status matters. You avoid more farfetched ideas completely, or you explore them in secret, until you can prove they work.

INTP-Fe “The Teacher”

One is not like the other. Extroverted Feeling here, as the inferior function, produces a more serious and conscientious INTP. You enjoy discussing ideas and talking about new theories. INTP-Fe types like to learn and practice new skills. You are open-minded to other people and believe truth is somewhere in the middle. INTP-Fe types are mediators and teachers in the world. You are someone who bridges science with the community. These INTPs are highly adept at communicating complex ideas in layman terms.

You are less disagreeable than the average INTP. And more patient in getting other people to agree with you and see your point of view is correct. INTP Teachers also show more modesty that you could be wrong. In work, you need to perform well and to prove your abilities to your team. You want people to know they can depend on you and that your skill and knowledge can be useful to other people. You believe in compromise.

Which subtype are you?

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