We have found that there are four ENTJ subtypes, all based on which cognitive functions you are currently using the most.

ENTJ and former CEO of eBay.

ENTJ Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay.


Using their passion, extroverted thinking.

ENTJs fit well in the position as CEOs, and many famous CEOs are ENTJs. Extroverted thinking is an architect function. Architecture and system design is an ENTJs greatest passion. Using this function, they can take the role of the judge and the executive, planning, structuring, and organizing their life and their decisions thoroughly. ENTJs are future oriented leaders and people who live by a secret strategy or a hidden code. These ENTJs are assertive, confident, methodical, and pragmatic.

Introverted intuition brings them growth, but these ENTJs know how to balance work and play. True to themselves, they use the architect function to make their life into whatever they want, passionately working towards their ambitions and their interests. But stress and anxiety or a bad environment can make you fall into one of the many other subtypes.

Sideshow Bob, an ENTJ carefully waiting for his chance to become famous?

Sideshow Bob, an ENTJ carefully waiting for his chance to become famous?

The Sideshow Bob

In the grip of introverted intuition

Easily mistyped as: INTJ

Using introverted intuition can trigger alot of growth for ENTJs. But it is also something that can cause stress, as it requires energy and effort to maintain this function. This is because ENTJs use introverted intuition with careful deliberation, and with high responsibility, more so even than an INTJ. For an INTJ, introverted intuition is a passion. But for an ENTJ, introverted intuition is a duty and something you pride yourself on having.

Basicall, introverted intuition represents an ENTJs higher awareness and what they aspire towards. ENTJs are among the most deliberately strategical types you can encounter. You can spend years in the background working until every step in your plan has been accounted for. Being in this subtype can help shield you from being possessed by extroverted sensing. Extroverted sensing can risk clouding your bigger vision and long-term game, but introverted intuition can protect you from acting rashly and speaking out in anger. Introverted intuition gives you composure and vision, but it also makes people less drawn to you. In this subtype, ENTJs become more of sideshow bobs. Carefully planning for the day when it’s their time to take over the stage…

But it can also keep you from being true to yourself. If you want something, sometimes you just have to reach out and take it. You don’t have to always keep yourself on a leash. Use this function for wisdom and growth, but don’t let it take over your values and your primary goals.

ENTJ subtypes

Anita Sarkeesian, ENTJ in the sidekick extroverted sensing subtype?

The Bodybuilder

In the grip of extroverted sensing

Easily mistyped as: ESTP

For ENTJs, working out is a means of escaping stress and helping bring you relief and rest. But not all ENTJs pursue physical workouts, this subtype also covers partying, hedonism, and immersive subtypes. ENTJs who are the life of the party, ENTJs who are high up on the stage, speaking out in a concrete and direct way for issues they are passionate about. Extroverted sensing gives you a presence which makes people listen to and look at you, regardless if they like you or not.

ENTJs can be outspoken political thinkers, for example libertarian Stefan Molyneux, with famous feminists such as Laci Green and Anita Sarkeesian, and the Amazing Atheist. But what they should watch out for is letting their message spin out of control. It’s easy to get caught up in the passion of the crowd, to exaggerate, and destroy your own message by making yourself out to be the bad guy your political opponents want you to be seen as. This becomes particularily problematic if you feel anxious. If you do, take the time to center yourself, before you act out.

Extroverted sensing has a risk of possessing you and making you into whatever it is people want you to be, no matter if it is good or bad. But at it’s best, extroverted sensing can provide you with relief, relaxation, and ease.

Donald Trump: Has the stress of the election made him an ENTJ in subtype four?

Donald Trump: Has the stress of the election made him fall into ENTJ subtype four?

The Victim

Possessed by introverted feeling

Easily mistyped as: ISFP

ENTJs under high stress and anxiety can easily come to rely on the victim card to dispel their critics. Using their inferior introverted feeling function, ENTJs can act as if everyone who is against them have just misunderstood their intentions. ENTJs are generally strong, assertive, and confident. But if their confidence becomes shaken, the victim card can help shield them from blame.

ENTJs who experience anxiety and stress should be highly careful not to: fend off blame on your opponent. Try not to act as if what you did never happened. And if it did happen, don’t pretend like all blame lies on the other person. Yes, ENTJs, who are generally logical types, can easily forget their logic if they fall in the grip of introverted feeling.

Try to use this subtype to instead ask for forgiveness and to make up for your past mistakes, so you can move on stronger. If you keep worrying about the scandals, or if they keep following you, that can keep you from being true to yourself and to focusing on your ambitions.

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