Inside every ENFP

I don’t know if you have thought about this. But inside of yourself, you have both your conscious idea of who you are, as well as your conscious idea of what kind of a world you are living in. 

I also don’t know if you’ve read this before, but many times, people say that if you turn an ENFP inside out, you get an INFJ. What I think they mean is this. If you change an ENFPs personal experience of themselves around, and switch it with their experience of the world around them, you get an INFJ.

This means that an ENFP is always walking around, carrying a, well, pretty big INFJ world around them. ENFPs experience intuitive introversion all the time – but they experience it as outside of themselves. They also see feeling judging all the time. They see and perceive a bigger, organized story around them, but they see themselves as outside or as a reporter of this story, not one of it’s messiahs. The fact that ENFPs see and are clearly aware of intuitive introversion and feeling judging and its existance serves a vital role to them in building their own character.

You could say that an ENFP is someone who is acutely aware of theory and prediction, but who tries to shake up this predictability and to spot when its patterns break. You could also say that an ENFP is someone who realizes that the world has a bigger story or a higher coherent ideal, but who seeks to question and investigate this ideal and to bring up its contradictions. Not because you don’t like theory. Not because you don’t value people’s stories, but because you want to help.

As an ENFP, you are constantly responding to a hidden world of precognition, theories and insights. ENFPs are acutely aware of just how mysterious, complex, and intricate the world they are living in is. And this experience is what fuels them to use Intuitive extroversion and Feeling Perceiving.

Why ENFPs favor EN and FP

As an ENFP, extroversion is your comfort-zone. Introversion is outside your comfort zone. Intuitive introversion is, while intuitive, and therefore fascinating, introverted, and therefore a little uncomfortable. Intuitive introversion always feels outside your reach. It also feels slightly rattling, uncertain, slightly disconcerting.

So as an ENFP, you are always trying to prove and confirm and bring all theories to the surface, where they are more easy to deal with. Any theory you find, you will want to test. Any hypothesis you hear about, you want to experiment on. And any speculation is worth investigating. And by investigating, by experimenting, and by testing these things, you can find peace and calm and comfort, as well as insight, fascination, and learning. There is nothing worse to an ENFP than a theory that you can’t test or put to practice somehow in the immediate reality, the one that you just keep mulling about, but which leads nowhere.

As a feeling perceiving – reporter type – ENFPs see themselves as living in a world full of messages and stories. ENFPs see it as if there is a human collective of people that all live together as a “culture” of sorts. And as reporters, ENFPs are the channel that asks questions to these people. The one that questions and spots the contradictions in what you say. The one that prides themselves on seeing when something is genuine and when it is fake. You are the one that can bring contradictions to the surface. When you do, the people’s stories are expanded and perfected to account for everything. Even the things that don’t make sense.

Unconscious stories

Besides this, an ENFP can be taken over by their more negative and unconscious perceptions of the world. The things they see in the world that trouble them. And the things they fear to be true. We all have things we try not to think about, because they are uncomfortable. Unconscious worries can however take a hold of us if we don’t accept their presence and find ways to solve their fears.

We all carry around a worldview of conscious ideals, values, and beliefs that are positive, and that reinforce our self. Then we have unconscious, balancing attitudes, that question and provide contrast to these views. If you as an ENFP believe that you live in a world ruled by ESTPs, and see yourself acting in relation to that, that suggests you are falling in the grip of sensing and thinking. If you as an ENFP see yourself living in the world or story governed by an INFJ, that is overall something positive.

  • ENFPs perceive thinking perceiving as something completely boring and pointless and usually wrong. It makes them sigh and think, oh well, I guess I will have to fix it. When they become aware of thinking perceiving, it fuels them to use thinking judging.
  • ENFPs perceive sensory extroversion as something dangerous that must be stopped at any cost. That fuels them to take the role of ISTJs. In this role, they are doing anything to keep the situation under control and to protect what must be protected.
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