The four INFP subtypes show that you can use any function and that you can have different emotional fixations as an INFP. We all have chosen different journeys – the subtypes can also be referred to as paths – and we can change our path at any time. I see the subtypes relating to enneagram fixations, some healthy, and some unhealthy. I can basically argue that the life path tends to look more or less the same, thematically, for different INFPs, depending on their colour.

INFP paths

The blue path lures those who strive for high conscientiousness and solid personal judgement. It is the path of knowledge and learning. The red path instead pulls to those who seek influence and adventure, those with an urge to Do. The green influence also lures those with a mix or a thirst for power or some form of ability. And finally, the yellow attracts those that seek peace, balance, and stability.

The Red iNfP “The Path To Courage”

Healthy: Strong Intuitive Perceiving
Unhealthy: Seven with unhealthy ET.

If the red INFP followed a movie script, it would be coming from a fickle, princess like character, always wanting other people to fulfil their dreams. Living in a fantasy escape, the red INFP may start off as an unhealthy seven, pleasure seeking, spoiled, and princess like, but gradually coming into increased power — courage — bravery. In finding bravery, the red INFP finds themselves rather becoming a warrior prince or princess, or in normal terms, perhaps a journalist or real life adventurer. This life path is embodied by Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls.

Courageous, rich in initiative, and open to possibility, this INFP jumps from platform to platform, exploring possibility after possibility, seeing place after place. Adventurous and curious, this INFP has questions in plenty and a natural resourcefulness. Somehow, they’re able to solve any problem that comes up, always finding a new platform, a new decision, to help keep them afloat.

The Blue InFp “The Path To Knowledge”

Healthy: Four, with healthy IF
Unhealthy: One, with unhealthy SJ

The blue INFP is throwing themselves from a kind of stick-up-your-ass attitude, where everything should be done in a certain way, and where all problems must be solved according to what the teachers have ordained. Perfectionistic and rigorous, these INFPs are often in the grip of their sensing and judging function. It is an unhealthy fixation in the sense that they slavishly follow rules and trust their parents, even when their parents don’t get what’s best. It is when they overcome this fixation that they can truly blossom as characters.

As movie characters, they transform from the early chapter Hermione Granger into artistic Luna Lovegoods. Bohemic, quirky, odd, wise, and with a positive melancholy, these INFPs gain insight and awareness by exploring their inner darkness. They find value in sadness and lessons in life and death. In the beginning of the blue INFP story there is a clinging to old teachings and what you have been told by parents, into realising your parents and teachers didn’t know everything. In this awareness, the INFP finds themselves.

The Green inFP “The Path To Power”

Healthy: A healer, with strong Feeling Perceiving
Unhealthy: Eight, with unhealthy ES.

The green INFP may start their lives feeling disappointed or angry at their family and their current situation. Somewhat vindictive or frustrated with other people, they tend to see everyone as “wrong” or “bad” or harmful in some way. This INFP has an unhealthy fixation with being seen and heard. They dream of being recognised, and of getting revenge at those who ignored them.

But ideally, instead, this INFP finds themselves developing a strange, almost spiritual power. A power to see and to understand and to heal. Like Charlie in Perks of being a wallflower, your power is to see and understand people like it’s nobody else’s business. In this gift, you help others, and you help yourself understand.

They are gifted with seeing into the true minds and souls of others. They start off by being judgemental of others, into gaining clarity and understanding of other people. Their ability to spot truth and authenticity in people will later in life give them the ability to become gifted healers. They can use it for helping other people process through shame, anger, grief, and fear.

The Yellow INfp “The Path To Peace”

Healthy: Anti-social
Unhealthy: Six

The yellow life path for an INFP starts off often in a kind of distrust or negativity to other people. Often coming from their ability to see the bigger picture. Thanks to their unusually developed intuition, these INFPs tend to have distance and detachment and an outsiders-perspective on the world.

They often start off as types that tend to be overly preoccupied with security and peace in a comforting environment. Like in Frodo Baggins Shire, into leaving comfort for the sake of seeking wisdom and insight. Where they may have had prejudice and doubt and prejudice against other people.

This philosophical journey helps them overcome it and helps them learn more about themselves. As a yellow INFP, you might think you know how the world is. You think you know how people work, but prepare yourself: the real world will surprise you. For the better.