Enneagram Test

In the Enneagram, there are three primary centres – the heart (234), the gut (891), and the head (567). These all represent where your emotions are felt. Often, the head emotions can be felt, well, in the head, as a frustration or anxiety or worry.

The heart types can feel a tug of shame or a feeling of nausea or disgust towards someone or towards themselves. And the gut types can feel this twinge of anger or an instinct or aggression, or a yearning for something. The three instincts can finally bring up a sense of nervousness or a shaking sensation of fear. Also important to recognise however are the four life paths, four types that share a common priority or goal.


9: Fairness, 6: Loyalty, Sp: Balance

Values: Gaining experience and knowledge, learning lessons from life, finding and maintaining harmony and peace.

These types tend to come off as peaceful, happy, and accepting. Among the least judgemental of all personality types, stable, loyal, and easygoing. The goal for them is to maintain and protect harmony, fairness, and peace. Fears in these types can include fears of losing harmony, causing conflict, or not living up to expectations. These types also struggle with a lack of control and issues in decision-making. 


So: Social status, 3: Achievement, 8: Victory

Values: Hard work and effort, overcoming obstacles and competition, being rewarded for success.

Green types are often described as hard-working, ambitious, stern, serious, and decisive. The goal for them is to achieve, conquer, to gain, and to acquire. They are among the least secure and rooted types however, and can struggle with insecurities, anxiety, and neuroticism. This is due to a lack of stability and an inability to settle, a hunger for more.


4: Innocence, 1: Change, 7: Chivalry

Values: Seeing great sights, doing good deeds, maintaining inner goodness.

Adventure-oriented types can be described as brave, fun, chivalrous, giving, dreamy, and full of life. The goal for them is to see, experience, and to try things out. These types can however struggle with low motivation and self-efficacy. They may struggle with commitment, doing the right thing, and finding “the point” of life. 


5: Knowledge, Sx: Admiration, 2: Service

Values: Gaining knowledge and skill, serving a greater good or a higher standard of excellence, using your skills to aid someone or something you care for.

The knowledge-oriented types can be described as conscientious, careful, learning oriented, skilled, and dutiful types. The goal is to do well, to improve, and to do good by someone. The main insecurity is not having an interest or outlet for this interest, being talented, but lacking the energy to succeed within your craft.

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