INFPs typically score high in modesty. That’s why they would never think about this. Their gut reaction would be, no, everyone is good at something, still, I thought I’d write this article. Not to take away from the many good things about INFJs. I wrote this only to showcase some of the strengths of the INFP personality type.

INFP vs INFJ – A quick comparison

INFP Strengths

IJ vs IP

The IP in the INFP translates to a higher individualism and more independent thinking. The INFP will more readily consider their own feelings and values where the INFJ is more likely to be focused on the tribes feelings first.

This means the INFP tends to have a more independent belief system, and a stronger personality. In a group situation, the INFP is more likely to manifest their unique ideas and beliefs. The INFJ is, sadly, more likely to mirror the beliefs of others. For example, as an INFJ, it’s more common for me to try to get those who are quiet to speak up. At the same time, it’s less important for me to share my own opinions.

Np vs Nj

As an iNtuitive Perceiving type, you are going to have more color and diversity in your thinking. Your imagination is going to be more open and you are going to consider and play with more factors. You are going to have more fun when thinking. Your intuition is more recreative in its nature than the INFJs.

What the INFJ is going to eliminate or ignore because it’s “impropable” you will still consider as perfectly possible. This means you are, while more likely to get sidetracked, less likely to be caught off guard. This is also the trait that makes INFPs the better listeners of the two types.

The INFJ is less likely to hear you if you say something if it is not something they are interested in hearing. The INFP is going to have plenty of associations to everything you say. They will show more initial curiosity to hear your ideas.

Fp vs Fj

INFPs score much higher on honesty and authenticity than the INFJ personality type. More likely to speak your mind and share your own feelings, even when they disagree with or hurt the feelings of others.

You will be real with people and will share problems you have with another person. Even if it might cause conflict. Being able to have an argument with another person if you feel it is right is important. It means you are more able to make a difference in the world.

If you’d simply turn your cheek every time, always conforming to the tribe, you’d soon become a pushover, and INFPs are no pushovers. Sometimes they have to fight to get heard, but at least they always try.

Just an FYI. INFJs can learn to be great in any of the areas INFPs are good at, too. Through vulnerability and facing your fears, you can improve yourself and become just as talented as the INFP personality type. The above INFP talents are not exclusive to the INFP. They are just areas where INFPs tend to have a head start over other personality types.

Let me know if you want to see a comparison with other types, too!

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