INTJ Personality Type Description

As an INTJ, you’re on a journey to develop confidence and belief in your power and worth and a greater feeling of being adequate and good enough. You can often struggle with pressure from the outer world while searching for insight and answers inside. INTJs often feel frustrated that the world around them doesn’t match their expectations – how they wish it was. So you soon learn to use your amazing abilities to innovate to implement your vision for how things should be. 

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Nicknames: The Architect, The Philosopher, The Visionary, The Scientist, The Leader, The Innovator

Core values: Originality, Self-Direction, Achievement, Intelligence

Primary Needs: Opportunity. Potential. Ability. Power.

INTJ Cognitive Functions

INTJ Cognitive Functions

INTJ Introverted iNtuition Flow Function

INTJs find incredible confidence in theories and ideas. To them, ideas are not just possibilities, but something real and meaningful. They feel positive when they can understand life and answer mysteries around them. They are inquisitive and curious and seek to explain the world by reflecting on it and figuring it out. This can sometimes lend to an overconfidence. You can be overly optimistic about the future and predict things to happen faster than they will. Be careful that this doesn’t lead to disappointment in the end.

INTJ Extroverted Thinking Inspirational Function

INTJ Introverted Feeling Control Function

INTJ Extroverted Sensing Stress Function

INTJs can feel truly overwhelmed by the world around them. You can feel swarmed by tasks to do and stressed or nervous in busy, sprawling environments. You often prefer to stay detached and to avoid dealing with the real world. Often, you approach the world intellectually or think of ways to avoid going out or doing things for real. You can sometimes hide from the world and relationships if they start to feel too much to handle.

Cognitive Functions: Introverted iNtuition, Introverted Thinking, Thinking Judging, iNtuitive Judging

Key Intelligences: Existential Intelligence, Speculation Intelligence, Systems Intelligence, Analytical Intelligence

INTJ – The Back Stage Innovator

Introverted iNtuition is the leading Observer function in the INTJ. People with this cognitive function struggle with overwhelm and pressure from the outer world, but find refuge and comfort in the world of their own imagination. They are deep-learning types that seek insight and answers and ideas inside rather than outside. In the INTJ, the intuition is proactive rather than adaptable. 

There is a strong idea of what needs to be done and where to go. The INTJ is imaginative and has strong, unshakeable ideas and intuitive perception of things. As iNtuitive Judging types, they work hard and think long term about how to realise their ideas, and try hard not to lose focus or get distracted. Because life can be shaky and upsetting, and because you can’t plan for everything, the INTJ can feel nervous and heavy: they must be able to account for and anticipate every possible shakeup or consequence. 

What we see in the INTJ is an indomitable willpower but also a feeling of inadequacy. This type often feels they are rising up against the “big guy”. That they are overcoming their own weakness and learning to rise above the competition. Feeling that they are weaker or somehow behind other people, they work hard to prove themselves and to get ahead. This feeling is what will often push INTJs to excel in work and in their career, but if improperly managed, it can also cause them to quit or give up.

As an INTJ, you can be quite perfectionistic. You often feel frustrated that life doesn’t meet up to your expectations or how you want it to be. You have such a clear idea of what you want and how things should be done, it can feel as if you have to do everything on your own – everyone else will mess things up. But sometimes, not even your own ability is enough, and your critical thinking can keep you from taking action. If you don’t know exactly how to do something, you might not do it at all. And if it can’t be done exactly right, it should not be done at all.

NTJs naturally conceptualise and envision and see before themselves a version of the world in the future. That means your focus is on what the world can become, not what it is today. INTJs are naturally responsible types that take the world on as their own duty. Seeking to understand what the world is and how it works, you see yourself as the foundation the world rests on.

The INTJ At Their Worst

Because of their love and natural pursuit towards scientific excellence, ambition, visionary drive and wisdom and originality, they can leave gaping holes in other areas of their life. INTJs naturally struggle with attention and can spend much time away from the real world, just drawing, thinking, and mulling over information. At times, this may cause friends and family members to feel invisible and ignored by the INTJ.

Because INTJs feel very responsible, they often deny themselves fundamental needs. They may struggle to take time to personal hobbies and joys, and may ignore their own feelings in order to meet work and career expectations. INTJs often push themselves hard and force themselves to have a cold exterior outwards. What’s worse is, many INTJs have trust issues, and struggle to commit fully to a project or in a relationship.

Because they are naturally guarded, they can appear testy and distanced from other people, going in with shields raised. Other times, they can seem inauthentic. If they go in more aggressive to get what they want, they may sometimes forget to check in with themselves and be real with other people. They may hold up a fake persona in order to get and protect what they want. But if they are not careful and aware of this, this persona can start to crack, and make them look really ugly.

Beyond that, INTJs can struggle with a nervous and easily shaken temperament. It’s not uncommon for this type to deny or ignore obvious facts and clear information. They may pretend not to see what is going on around them, because they get so invested and obsessive about their idea of the future. It’s really important to this type to know that eventually, they will be able to create a world that mirrors the world of ideas they have inside. They may appear pretentious and may hold delusions of grandeur of themselves, believing they are somehow bigger, better, or smarter than other people. They may need to develop a degree of modesty to ground themselves.

The INTJ At Their Best

With all that said, INTJs are deeply conscientious people. Once you have their trust, you can trust that it will stay with you. INTJs only commit if they are truly sure about something. Their greatest fear is being betrayed and putting all their energy and effort into a project that will fail and lead nowhere. What I have come to learn about INTJs, is that they are deeply intelligent and brilliant people. They literally see the world differently than any other person in the world.

With INTJs, I see a personality type that can attain an almost surreal level of perfection and excellence in their craft. Truly able to push themselves, they take extreme amounts of responsibility, and are very easy to rely on. If an INTJ says “I’ll handle it.” you can trust you’re in good hands. INTJs like to be studied and well-read and will hoard knowledge about a topic.

Beyond that, they are able to be highly critical and scientific in their approach. They will not just believe in something because they have been told to, but because they have actually tested the subject and confirmed it to be correct. In their ideal state, I see INTJs as personality types that will test the boundaries of their knowledge. Challenging themselves to keep their eyes open, and to try new things.

Pushing themselves to learn new skills and to experiment and test out different ideas. INTJs need a healthy push and challenge from the tribe. If people around them can challenge their ego and intellect, and provide them with healthy challenge and intellectual stimulation, they can rise as true Innovators. People that rose to the occasion to do something truly excellent and unique.

Famous INTJ Examples & Their Subtypes

Here is a list of some famous INTJs and their different subtypes. You can find more INTJs in my celebrity library.

R.A SalvatoreINTJObserverNavigatorBlueYellow
Elon MuskINTJDeciderNavigatorRedGreen
Jada Pinkett-SmithINTJDeciderNavigatorBlueGreen
Leonardo DiCaprioINTJDeciderNavigatorRedGreen
Willow SmithINTJDeciderReviewerRedGreen
Steve JobsINTJDeciderReviewerRedGreen
Mads MikkelsenINTJObserverReviewerBlueGreen
Dane DeHaanINTJDeciderNavigatorRedGreen
Christian BaleINTJObserverReviewerRedGreen
Lionel MessiINTJObserverReviewerRedGreen
Niels GompertINTJObserverNavigatorRedYellow
Evanna LynchINTJDeciderReviewerRedYellow
Amal ClooneyINTJDeciderReviewerRedGreen
Stephanie GarberINTJObserverNavigatorRedGreen
Anouk TeuweeINTJDeciderReviewerRedGreen

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