Action (Sensing Perceiving)

“I like to live a life of action. I like when things are happening. I like when things are moving forward, and when there’s something to do.” That’s the mindset of a sensing and perceiving type. Passionate about action and about making things happen. That’s why I call this type “The Doer.”


The Doer

Awareness (/+//)

Strong in sensing, these types like a practical lifestyle. Actions. Lights. Effects. Things to touch and things to hold.

Proactive (///+)

Strong in perceiving, these types are about adaptation and adjusting to what is happening in the here and now. 

Doing is a very practical experience. It has to do with the real matters of life, what we can see, touch, and hold. It refers to your ability to act and respond to what’s going on around you. Something happens, how fact can you act? 

Doers tend to have stronger instincts, when developed, and a quicker response to change. If something happens, they will quickly adjust and adapt to this. The general motto here is “go with the flow” – follow the river – read a situation and get a grasp of what appears to be going on. 

Use this information to your advantage. The strong instincts tend to produce an “on the feet” mentality, sensing perceiving types like to always be ready to go and to move when necessary. They tend to live active lives, no matter what they do. But not all enjoy the spotlight and not everyone wants to be the centre of attention. ISFPs and ISTPs prefer to observe and to be around action and to learn from their observations. To gain memories and meaningful experiences.