The Fighter (Aggressive Instinct)

The Sage

The Seeker

The Friend


The fighter is competitive and believes in speaking out for what you want and going for what you are after. When obstacles emerge, the fighter enjoys coming up with methods to overcome them.


The Champion, The Fighter, The Loser


Aggressive instinct


To stand up for themselves






Strength, Weakness


Emotional (Red)


Perception-driven, Open (Perceiver)

The Fighter

The fighter is a red perceiving type. Valuing strength, the fighter tries to prove themselves against their competition. The desire is to show other people what they are capable of and to demonstrate their worth to themselves. To feel sure of your own strength and your own power and to know that you are capable and that you can complete the tasks ahead of you.

The fighter perceives the world as a world full of obstacles and challenges to overcome. This is a competitive mindset. The fighter value strength and victory. The fighter is a passionate soul, strong in their beliefs and convictions. They know what they want from an early age and show strong conviction behind it. The fighter can get other people behind them and can cause people to stand up for their convictions.

Being known for being aggressive, the fighter type has not only conviction, but also the ability to represent their conviction and to push their beliefs forward. Thoughts are not meant to be kept to yourself, but also to be championed for your community. So the fighter is a rallying spirit: someone that gets other people behind their decisions and projects and ventures. Because they are so aggressive about their ideas, they are also seen as very confident.

The Competitive Mindset

The competitive mindset is good at thinking about challenges and obstacles but also how to overcome them. Their perception picks up on challenges and issues and their intuition or sensing is best manifested in their ability to respond to these problems. Thinking about your competition, you can intercept people that could be problems and criticism.

You can see when someone is going to be a problem and you can see what criticism exists against your ideas. This also means you can plan ahead and that you can cover your ground. If you know you have a weakness or that there are issues, you can work ahead to make up for it. The fighter is not about being perfect or being free of flaws, but making up for your mistakes through sheer gutsiness. By pushing, you can cover more ground than most, and get more answers right than anyone else, and in the end, its not about throwing a perfect punch once, but throwing many punches in rapid succession, to the point where you can achieve victory.

Understanding the competitive mindset, what you need to do is develop strength and trust in yourself. The fighter believes in themselves. They have had to stand up for themselves many times throughout their life. They know that if you believe in yourself, and you speak out, you are going to get resistance. People are going to come to you with their concerns. You will be singled out first because you have a strong presence.

The Strong Type

Because of their propensity to solve problems and to overcome issues, the fighter is most known for their strength. Of course, the fighter can doubt this strength in themselves at times. They may fear that they can never overcome their competition. There can be this feeling that there are only obstacles everywhere you go, and that everyone is against you. This is rarely true, as fighters, with their strong personalities, tend to have a lot of people behind them. People can not help but to be inspired by your spirit.

As long as you believe in yourself, you will also have people behind you that will believe in you, too. And eventually, the others will come along too. There are other issues however: be careful that you are not making enemies and problems when people are only trying to help you. Scepticism and criticism does not always mean no, but it can also mean “yes, but.” If possible, muster the patience to hear people out. Let them get the opportunity to agree with you, and give them the benefit of the doubt when they are discussing challenges and issues with your ideas.

Being strong, you will be able to overcome those problems. Perhaps even more easily, as long as you can remain mindful and open to the flaws of your own solutions. By knowing and accepting these things, you can move forward more easily.

Strength & Weakness

Because of their propensity to solve problems and to overcome issues, the fighter is most known for their strength. But fighters can still struggle with feeling weak, just like Sages can struggle with feeling stupid and incompetent. Weakness is what is always biting the Fighter from behind. Feeling like you can’t beat the competition, that you can’t overcome obstacles, that you are not strong enough to do what you want.

Having strong beliefs also means feeling the weight and responsibility of representing those beliefs. The fighter feels weak because they care so much about strength. It is not that the fighter wants to rule or to have power, but they need to feel capable. The fighter keeps trying to prove to themselves that they can do what is necessary.

Strength can also be knowing when to rely on other people and when to be vulnerable. You can admit when you are not ready or when you feel weak, and you can invite other people to help you when this happens. You can give yourself rest and time to breathe and you should find a place where you can feel safe.