Anima/Animus Archetype

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  • The Anima/Animus Archetype

The anima/animus represents your vulnerable side. Everyone has parts of themselves they wield confidently and present outwards to the world, and parts they repress or hide from others. We express the anima/animus when we open up about or admit to sides in ourselves or feelings we normally would feel uncomfortable sharing.

The anima or animus can either represent a masculine or feminine self, and different types hide or avoid different things. While one type may feel uncomfortable or afraid of showing aggression or speaking out for themselves, the other type may feel uncomfortable showing weakness or giving up control and showing trust in others.

The journey to mastering the anima/animus is to admit that nobody – including you, is perfect. We all have flaws and problems and we can all be wrong about something. There is more to learn and we do not know everything.