The Personality Archetypes

The Characters

I have discovered a set of sixteen characters. A character pulls on a set of four different masks or types of behaviour to deal with everyday situation. You can have an outgoing or analytical character, or a positive or critical one. You may have a inquisitive or traditional role or a decisive or flexible one. One character is the outgoing, inquisitive, positive and decisive type (++++) and the other is the analytical, traditional, critical and flexible one (—-)

Inquisitive, positive types

++++ Seeker Muse (Hero Magician) 
Outgoing, inquisitive, positive and decisive: Insatiably curious go-getter. Benevolent type, a rescuer, quirky and weird.

+++- Seeker Helper (Hero Lover)
Outgoing, inquisitive, positive and flexible. Needs plenty of novelty. Wants to go out and make the world better for everyone. Romantic and flexible to others needs and feelings. 

-+++ Sage Muse (Utopian Magician)
Analytical, inquisitive, positive and decisive. Shows lust to learn and understand. Wants to understand and agree with others. Likes harmony.

-++- Sage Helper (Utopian Lover)
Analytical, inquisitive, positive and flexible. Likes to study and figure out new things. Supportive and helpful, wants to be liked and to feel connected to others.

Inquisitive, critical types

++-+ Seeker Creator (Rebel Magician)
Outgoing, inquisitive, critical and decisive. Always focused on whats-next. Likes to be the first to do something. Wants to accomplish something nobody else has done before. Aspires to be the best at something. 

++– Seeker Performer (Rebel Lover)
Outgoing, inquisitive, critical and flexible. Shows eagerness to try new things. Always pushing themselves to live up to everyone’s expectations. Critical and improvement-oriented. A pessimist but a dreamer.

-+-+ Sage Creator (Ruler Magician)
Analytical, inquisitive, critical and decisive. Always thinking about something. Wants to accomplish something of unique value. Feel they are destined for something new. Hope to lead the way for others. 

-+– Sage Performer (Ruler Lover)
Analytical, inquisitive, critical and flexible. Go deeper than most. Hard-working and want to be the best. Aspire to set an example for society. Want to be loved and acknowledged.

Traditional, positive types

–+- Friend Helper (Utopian Protector)
Analytical, traditional, positive and flexible. Needs to feel trusted and supported. Wants to show people they have your back. Safe and easy to count on. Dislike conflict. 

+-++ Fighter Muse (Hero Everyperson)
Outgoing, traditional, positive and decisive. Outspoken and passionate. Strong beliefs. Inspired and free-spirited. Always want to bring sunshine to others. Social and friendly. 

+-+- Fighter Helper (Hero Protector)
Outgoing, traditional, positive and flexible. Wants to be strong for everyone. Focused on others needs and want to be of service. Believe in fighting and speaking out for what is right. Need to “protect others”. 

–++ Friend Muse (Utopian Everyperson)
Analytical, traditional, positive and decisive. Believes in loyalty and being someone people can count on. Want to maintain their freedom while supporting others. Harmonious and people-oriented.

Traditional, critical types

+–+ Fighter Creator (Ruler Everyperson)
Outgoing, traditional, critical and decisive. Wants to say what nobody else dares to. Driven and ambitious. Focused on their own work and power. Seek to be appreciated by the community.

+— Fighter Performer (Ruler Protector)
Outgoing, traditional, critical and flexible. Like to put themselves out there. Enjoy creating a show around themselves. Want to live up to other peoples dreams, and become appreciated. Seek power and responsibility.

—+ Friend Creator (Rebel Everyperson)
Analytical, traditional, critical and decisive. Focused on supporting others. Sees people in a critical light and wants to help other people improve. Focused on what could be better.

—- Friend Performer (Rebel Protector)
Analytical, traditional, critical and flexible. Want to avoid making mistakes. Focused on bettering themselves and improving. Tend to see things critically. Need a lot of safety and trust.