The Personality Archetypes

The Characters

Your personality type is something you were born with. It represents unique hobbies, interests, and important needs and values that fit with who you are. Your character however, is a result of nurture. It is something you have actively developed in yourself. There are sixteen unique characters that are developed as a result of careful nurture. All characters are listed below.

The Travellers (Performer (3) Discoverer (7) Hero, Healer (Sp) Archetypes)

Travellers long to see the world and to experience all of its riches. Thirsting for adventure and for a chance to prove yourself, you want to show courage and an ability to hold on even when the bull is trying to shake you off. You believe in courage and bravery and in doing whatever it takes to reach your destination. Typically, they work hard and can compete when necessary, liking a chance to be the first. You like standing out and being someone unique, someone with rare abilities and talents.

The Teachers (Helper (2) Friend (6) Rebel (1) Protector (P) Archetypes)

The Teachers are oriented on helping their friends and the people around them become more successful. The goal of the teacher is to show people how they can improve and become better and more succesfull at their goals. The Teachers are our safekeepers, loyal and supportive. They protect us from danger and help us become prepared for what is to come.

The Playmates (Muse, Friend (6), Utopian (9), Protector (Sd) Archetype)

The Playmates are fun-loving and supportive types, friends in need, that can always light up the mood and help us enjoy the moment. Playmates put the fun in even the most difficult situations, making us feel better when things are difficult, and having our back when life gets hard. They teach us to be less serious and to take joy in life and living, and they provide recreation and fun for everyone in plenty.

The Pioneers (4-7-8-Sp Archetypes)

The Pioneer (4-7-8-Sp archetype) is an outgoing, open-minded, proactive and conscientious type. Hard-working and focused on ethics and matters of right and wrong, the Pioneers are always out working in new fields towards long-term goals. Pioneers can devote themselves to longer pursuits and are drawn to novelty and the chance to learn new things. Highly creative, these types are full of new ideas. They have a way of seeing things differently from everyone else. Full of initiative, they tend to show much leadership within the field they work in. They set the ground framework and show people the way forward, hoping other people will soon join in and that new discoveries are going to be made.

The Mystics (Muse, Sage (5), Lover (Sx), Utopian (9) Archetype)

Mystics love mystery. They love chances to learn and to dive deep into a topic, even if they know there is no right or wrong answer. Mystics see the world as a mystery to be understood, something strange and absurd beyond our comprehension. They hope to get deep into something and to understand it better than anyone else, seeking to think about things from every angle possible. You love a chance to analyse and question and believe there is no sure answer.

The Liberators (Muse, Protector, Hero, Warrior Archetypes)

The Liberators are free-spirited and passionate individuals, with strong minds and passionate beliefs. They see themselves as saviours, people here to help break you free and to open your mind. As a liberator, you want to show people new ways to solve problems and new ways to get things done. You are adventurous and you can push yourself hard for your beliefs. You work hard to protect the people around you and their freedoms.

The Innovators (4 – 5 – Sp – 1 Archetypes)

The Innovators are hard-working and studious types, always learning and analysing options and possibilities. Lovers of innovation, they are always fixing and tinkering on something, wanting to make it better and wanting to solve the possible problems they see. Innovators like to come up with new inventions and new projects and are usually inclined to invent or to make things. They spend a lot of time researching a project or an idea and want to know as much as possible about it, in order to perfect it according to their ideals.

The Frontrunners (Creator (4) – Warrior (W) – Person (So) – Leader (8) Archetypes)

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The Frontrunners have strong minds and opinions that are hard to change. They are fierce and passionate types, and see themselves as champions of the people and the community. You will find that they speak out against what is wrong and stand up for the people around themselves, seeing themselves as leaders and chosen representatives of the crowd. They are usually the ones that start up new social movements and tend to involve other people in their ideas and projects.

The Experts (2 – 5 – Sx – 1 Archetypes)

The Experts are selfless and devoted to what they do, able to spend most minutes of their day on the projects or tasks they are best on. Experts want to use their skills and abilities to help other people, using their competence to guide other people and to help other people through good advice and smart solutions. The Expert wants to be a master of a field and are often academically inclined, enjoying the chance to study and learn more about something. Their main skill is thinking and analysing a situation and seeing how to best help other people.

The Dreamers (Helper (2) – Discoverer (7) – Leader (8) – Lover (Sx) Archetypes)

The dreamers are idealistic and passionate, and want selflessly to help and to be of service to other people. They are leaders and they are explorers, always putting others before themselves. They like to show other people the beautiful world around them, letting other people know what is waiting to be discovered. Lovers of learning, these open-minded types want to give of themselves and to share with other people. Generous and compassionate, you try your best to look out for other people and to help them, but you struggle when people don’t share your openness and desire to try. Luckily, you also have the leadership and ambition necessary to see change through and to keep pushing, and you rarely give up on people, even if they take their time to get there.

The Doctors (Performer (3) Healer (Sp) Utopian (9) Sage (5) Archetypes)

The Doctors are hard-working and competitive types, always trying to be better and to grow. They are always learning new tricks and thinking of how to improve at what they do. They pride themselves on being the best and always strive for the ideal outcome. You will find that they have high ideals and innocence, wanting to do right by themselves and to make things better for themselves and other people, but they are sometimes passive, thinking too long and spending too much time in research.

The Contestants (Performer (3) Everyperson (So) Hero, Warrior (W) Archetypes)

You will find the contestants to be passionate and hard-working individuals, competitive and with a thirst for battle. They have passionate and fierce beliefs and like to prove themselves and to show they are the best. As a contestant, you want to show your courage to other people, letting them know you are strong and capable, and that you are ready to do whatever it takes to be accepted by the community. You want to most of all be a champion of the people, admired for your many talents and abilities.

The Citizens (Performer (3) Everyperson (So) Utopian (9) Friend (6) Archetypes)

The goal of the Rebel is to walk their own path in life, to be decisive and to see the world critically, for what it is. To want to fix and make things better and to think about how you want the world to be. It is the mindset of a strong and determined type, clear-headed, and strong in their beliefs.

The Adventurers (Muse, Discoverer (7) Healer (Sp), Hero Archetypes)

The Adventurers are brave and progressive. There is always the next thing to the adventurer, the next quest, the next challenge, the next person to be saved. The Adventurers are courageous but never lose their playful nature, always trying to have fun and to enjoy the moment. We see them climb new hills, we see them as the first to try new things, and we see them as the people that never back away from a challenge.

The Administrators (Helper (2) Warrior (W) Protector (P) Leader (8) Archetypes)

The Administrators help keep the system running, showing leadership and passion, while helping keep the system running smoothly. They pride themselves on keeping the world together, and love a chance to help other people stay afloat. When people struggle, the administrators try to find ways to use the system to help. Pulling on the system and its resources, administrators know how to play by the rules to their advantage. Administrators tend to be recognised for their power and competence and work hard within the system to do right by others.

The Accomplices (Creators (4) Friends (6) Everyperson (So) Rebel (1) Archetypes)

The Accomplices are people that tend to show high loyalty to those committed to a similar cause. They are the friends and companions we can count on to break the rules in order to support us. While strong individuals in their own right, these types like to back us up and show support even when nobody else will. You value when people will go their own way and you want to show them they can count on you, no matter where they want to go. So you think of smart ways to help them and to support their cause, thinking ahead and anticipating problems, and making sure they have the adequate support necessary.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on an archetype or feel something should be added or changed. These archetypes are a rough sketch and there is much left to learn here. 

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