Are INFJs Brilliant or Delusional?

The capacity for an INFJ to see the world in its most ideal form has a dark side: it can also drive delusions and wishful thinking INFJs live in the world of ideas, where everything is a theory, and nothing can be truly proven This is our domain We approach ideas both with fascination and a sense of responsibility, seeing it as our duty to polish and bring these ideas to fruition in the real world, and in their most true form

Ideas are not just curious, but also dangerous INFJs live in a world that is entirely subjective and completely removed from objective data, observation, or convention Because this world is subjective, our greatest enemy is our own bias INFJs can have their judgement clouded and how they perceive their ideas depends on their mood and emotional well being That means an (...)

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One comment on “Are INFJs Brilliant or Delusional?”

Erik Thor

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