Are Objective Personality Really Objective?

Hey!  My name is Erik and I'm an FF-ENTP-Ne/Ti CPB(S) At least if you trust Objective Personality Which you really shouldn't I have never typed as ENTP and never really related to the ENTP description So just make up your own mind and see their ideas more as interesting alternative theories or perspectives In the end, you are the one who needs to be able to explain yourself Systems and frameworks can help, but you are going to have to do the majority of the work on your own Sorry
­Objective Personality is a relatively new system that claims to be able to “objectively” type you But they are also saying that they will need years to test and back up their theories In their own FAQ, they explain that they are still far from being able to claim to have any scientific evidence So what is the (...)

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2 comments on “Are Objective Personality Really Objective?”

  1. Um, it's saying that the link on 'Take the test here' is a security error and expired when I click on that link? There's also some weird stuff there about needing to send a new test email, not sure what that's about.

    Getting back to topic, Objective Personality seems to have one main thing going for it, which is recognizing that people can develop their functions in a way that does not match the 'normal' stack order. Other than that, their system just seems to add more and more layers of complications to explain things, and most of them don't really seem necessary or good (e.g. the weird sexism of saying that there is 'masculine' and 'feminine' functions). Also, Objective Personality probably isn't going to get recognized as being an 'objective' personality system anytime soon; the most scientifically validated part of MBTI is the letters, but they spend all their time looking at functions. Until they prove the connection between letters and functions, they're kind of doomed to failure. On the other hand, I'd honestly argue that the whole 'Sum Stack' idea of functions is far closer to being objectively proven, because that idea does at least have some basic statistics that back up how the functions can be correlated to the letters.

    Personally, when I think about what a good test would be like, I wonder if it would be possible to have a test that judges how well you match each function as it shows up in each position in the stack? A lot of people I know figured out more of their type by looking for signs of the inferior function than by looking for signs of the dominant (especially for the introverts), so it's certainly worth thinking about.

  2. ok..Hi, after equating fi with emotions, I think the problem is sensor stereotyping, SJs are dumb, esfps are stupid etc. I think the whole ST vs SP vs NT vs whatever thing is overrated. Most people mistyped the SJ letter combo as NP! (happened with many 'infps' i know) and it can work like P. most of your np friends are SJs "guardians"???? percieving is basically forgoing the purified traits of dominant, its bypassing accuracy..usually forgo the kind of like conscientious parts to fit for the
    experiential parts. psychologically more information heavy but no way less imposing other ps are often more controlling and planniing thanmost sjs, in my experience. everyones an individual acfter all

    By the way youre kind, caring,'re Ne-Fe-Ti-Si imo.

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