Best Careers For Every Personality Type

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What is the ideal career for your personality type? 

Hobby Jobs

These fields give us a sense of joy and enthusiasm about what we do. People in these fields tend to feel, at best, great joy and curiosity. 

Academic Sector

Where it’s all about research. These fields include any that require us to manage complex systems and abstract mental models, big picture theories, and big data. 

Introverted iNtuitives

Discovery Sector

This field is for anyone who craves novelty at work. Be the one to learn up on new subjects, fields, and events in society. Be the first to do something and to spot something. Careers in discovery include travel, risk-taking, and new opportunities. 

Extroverted iNtuitives

Performer Sector

This field will attract performers and clowns and people with a good sense of humor. Your laugh, charm, and energy is going to be what gives you success in this sector. Your ability to turn everyday moments into a laugh, to engage others and keep their attention.

Extroverted Sensing

Story Sector

It’s all about the fine prints. Do you have the eyes for a job that requires high attention to detail, patience, and the ability to sit down with the facts? This is the job for a teacher, journalist, or book-keeper.

Introverted Sensing

What makes you. happy?

These sectors bring us a feeling of peace and calm and security in ourselves and where we are. 

Communication Sector

The most important trait in good communication is listening. 

Introverted Feeling

Relationships Sector

In this sector, your primary strength is your ability to build deep relationships and lasting partnerships with others. You’ll need to make friends and keep friends happy by showing an interest in them and going the extra mile to provide high quality service.

Extroverted Feeling

Leadership Sector

This sector requires a competitive attitude and an ability to take charge and lead others. You’ll want to show your skill and talent and inspire respect in others, becoming known as a person that can accomplish results and show pragmatism.

Extroverted Thinking

Science Sector

In this sector, you are primarily valued for critical thinking and your ability to work through things logically following a scientific process or technical methodology. Your success here depends on your ability to master principles and show thoughtful restraint.

Introverted Thinking

What job would bring you pride?

These kinds of jobs often instill a feeling of pride in people. They make us feel that we have done something good. 

Nurturing Sector

In this sector, it’s all about your ability to bring value to others. The better you are at providing for others and supporting them, the better you will do here. This can be a job as a healthcare provider, a therapist, nurse, or social worker. 

Feeling Judging

Business Sector

People in this sector value professionalism and being good and working hard at ones job. 

Thinking Judging

Tech Sector

Interested in gadgets, technology, or computers? Try a career in the tech sector. 

Thinking Perceiving

Artistic Sector

People in this sector sell one primary commodity – themselves. The value of your work is directly tied to your personality. People who do well in this sector are individualistic and speak great truth with their work.

Feeling Perceiving

What job would give you purpose?

These jobs give us satisfaction and a feeling that we have gone somewhere or accomplished something that is fun or interesting to us. 

Independent Sector

Certain types are going to really like the thought of going independent and being your own boss. The independent sector is all about entrepreneurship, ideas, and long-term projects. 

iNtuitive Judging

Legal Sector

This sector will attract people with a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to uphold the law and order of society. 

Sensing Judging

Ideas Sector

Some sectors are going to be more flexible in their nature, offering more room for change. These sectors are good for types that can multitask and keep track of multiple complex processes at the same time. Can you keep an open mind and stay ahead of change? 

iNtuitive Perceiving

Action Sector

Would you like a busy and engaging job with plenty of balls in the air? The action sector offers a myriad of busy jobs that require you to work with a direct and hands on approach. 

Sensing Perceiving


Creative Sector

This sector should appeal to. anyone that likes to develop personal ideas to real projects. If you have the patience to sit down and think something through and work towards it patiently, the creative sector is well for you. 

Introverted Judging

Adaptation Sector

Do you like to turn ideas into action? Do you like to implement projects and plans? Can you think of practical steps in the moment to turn a conversation into action or change? 

Extroverted Perceiving

Organisation Sector

Here, you will see people who have an eye for productivity and structure. They like to plan and schedule and apply laws and organisation to achieve their results. 

Extroverted Judging

Analysis Sector

Like to analyse and think about ideas and how they are applied? Enjoy studying and thinking about options and weighing information to make the best decision?

Introverted Perceiving


Humanitarian Sector

Here, you will find a chance to contribute to society and the progress of humanity and human ideals. Want to help drive growth and change in society and contribute to development across the world? 

iNtuitive Feeling

Innovation Sector

In this sector, you find witty minds that have an eye for fixing and improving upon the world through ideas and logical reasoning. How can rules and systems be perfected and who should be in charge and how should we apply the rules we have? 

iNtuitive Thinking

Practical Sector

Looking for a job that will offer easy and quick solutions, technology, and a practical mindset? Using a hammers and nails approach, you’ll be looking at concrete steps you can take to improve a system.

Sensing Thinking

Social Sector

Like a. work that involves people and social interaction with others? I’ve found that sensing feeling types are gifted with people and enjoy daily social interactions and pride themselves on their ability to deal with people. What about you?

Sensing Feeling

Your Ideal Job

Your ideal job combines six of these sectors in one, giving you a healthy outlet and a job that will be giving you both pride, joy, satisfaction, and energy. Think about which of these sectors you have the. most experience with and how you feel doing these jobs. What do you like and dislike about the job you have and what changes would you like to make to your job. description? 

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