Erik Thor & The MBTI Flow Code. Self-realisation should be the goal of any healthy individual. Instead of trying to […]
Oh, a post on INFJ anger. This is where I tell you all that, oh, when an INFJ is pushed […]
The capacity for an INFJ to see the world in its most ideal form has a dark side: it can […]
Are you an ENFP or ENTP? Who is the smartest, or most compassionate of the two?
I STOPPED MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS? #vlogs #youtube #videos I'm not going to make videos to please my audience anymore. I'm […]
Most employees overestimate how productive they need to be at work. I am going to show you why your expectations […]
Happiness is one of the three most important things that people seek in the modern world, and happiness is arguably […]
Stress gets the better of the best of us. People know me as a calm and relaxing guy. I spread […]
Healthy boundaries create healthy people. What should you start saying no to? And what happens if you don't set boundaries […]
More than 60% of all ENFPs identify as ENFP T personality types. Firstly, the ENFP T type is more neurotic, […]
Are you an INFJ, the Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging Type? The INFJ 'Philosopher' is an enigmatic, existentially minded type focused […]
In today's article, I'm listing all the 16 personalities by their best career! Check out my latest article here!
Are you the ENFP Campaigner or ENTP Debater? Learn how to know you are ENFP and how to know you […]
THE ISFP VS ENTJ CHALLENGE. Today, I challenge you to make a conscious choice about your day. Your choice can […]
What does an INFP look like and how do people perceive INFPs? Login and take the survey and share your […]
In my latest YouTube video, I discuss the ENFP Body Language and ENFP Facial Expressions. But what do ENFPs look […]
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