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Finding your ideal career that fits your MBTI type can be difficult. Sometimes, you might not need to actually change your job, just your working conditions.

There are steps you can already take right now to make your job more fun, and more rewarding for your personality. So what is the key to finding flow at work?

If you’re looking for a new career, consider this list for inspiration to help you find the best thing for you.

The best careers for your Personality Type

Law &

Project Manager
Events Manager
TV & Movie-maker
Health Care Worker
Hospitality Worker

IXXJ Careers

INFJ: Try to fill a consultant or management role in your workplace. IT roles and planning roles can work, but make sure it’s more people and less numbers. Creative fulfilment is also important, so find a way to get a creative outlet out of what you do.

ISFJ: For you, consider getting a career that meets both your social needs and your skill for planning and organisation. A job in healthcare could allow you to thrive, just try to make sure that you get a job that allows you a healthy routine.

ISTJ: A business role is not a bad idea. You enjoy management tasks and having structure around you, and in business, you have clear goals to strive towards. ISTJs can also thrive in scientific fields or more practically as engineers.

INTJ: Ideally, self-employment can be something very positive for you. Business and numbers will keep things interesting for you. It gives you freedom to plan your day out as you best see fit. Architecture or design can also allow you to be highly successful if you give it your best effort.

EXXJ Careers

ENTJ: Business is a great field for you, and so is marketing. You like to think about the bigger picture, not just the development of a good idea, but also the marketing and execution of it. ENTJs are diverse enough to fill multiple roles on their own but to be the most effective, they might want to keep a busy and eventful environment.

ENFJ: As an ENFJ, the hospitality field might make you more successful. Flights and aviation and cosmetics are areas where ENFJs tend to excel. You like to put together ideas and creative projects, the more wide and far reaching the idea the better.

ESFJ: ESFJs will see themselves making great success in the food industry, working with bars and pubs or social event venues to plan and host great events.

ESTJ: As an ESTJ, consider an environment that allows a competitive outlet. A field where you can work with numbers and data to track your success and to keep working towards a goal.

EXXP Careers

ESTP: ESTPs have more of a knack for entertainment and play than their Judging counterparts allowing them more success in PR, Communication, TV and comedy. Journalism and sports are fun things to combine for you, giving you a chance for action.

ESFP: As an ESFP, you might want to look into a more social sector than the ESTPs. One that allows you to connect with people, perhaps a barista or bartender role could be for you? Otherwise, look into music or acting as two fun and stimulating careers.

ENFP: As an ENFP, consider a career in journalism. It allows you to do digging and research and to explore different ideas and cultures across the world. Consider also going into music as a way to express your heart. Or why not work in health care? It would allow you to do something good for the world and to meet different kinds of people.

ENTP: ENTPs have a hidden knack for design and for marketing. Their argumentative nature allows them to see how people think and respond to different ideas. It also helps them build momentum for their creativity. ENTPs often use humour and wit to succeed in their careers.

IXXP Careers

ISFP: ISFPs tend to be very successful in areas that require a knack for crafts and for using the hands. Massage therapy, nurse roles, and tattoo artists are some of many options for you. But if you’re looking for something more fun, consider music or arts as ways to express yourself.

ISTP: As a Thinking type, you might want to look into education roles, teaching and training the next talents. If you can be a sports coach and can help build a team, that would be great for you. But you also enjoy crafts-oriented environments, and engineer or technology could work well for you.

INTP: INTPs are also excellent educators, and tend to do well teaching and nurturing critical minds that know how to ask the right questions. You could also look into TV or media, becoming the next show host of a technical YouTube channel? You’re certainly funny enough to make the role.

INFP: Not all INFPs are artistic, but most enjoy art, and would enjoy to paint or colour or use their creativity in design. If that’s not for you, a career as a therapist or counsellor could also work. Let yourself be craftsy- or engage in writing as a medium to express your complex thoughts and ideas.

What is your ideal career?

Every type should carefully craft their own career trying to find a career that will meet all or as many as possible of your needs. Often, your current job could already be improved. Just speak to your manager about what you want and need to thrive and be more successful in your role and show them what you can do.

What do you do for a living and what is your MBTI Type? Let me know in the comments

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