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The Most Rare MBTI Type I Do You Feel Different?

THE MOST RARE PERSONALITY TYPE. Have you ever felt different? The MBTI Institute has done studies on which personality types are more and less rare. What’s the rarest personality type? The statistics are based on Northern American averages (Sorry, everyone else!) and based on quick test results. Because of this, it is hard to say …

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NF Stereotypes

There’s a ton of stereotypes raging around all the MBTI types. But what do people say about your personality type? Discover some of the NF Stereotypes in this article. This article will talk about INFJ stereotypes, ENFJ stereotypes, INFP stereotypes and ENFP stereotypes. NF Stereotypes People tend to say ENFPs are fickle dream-chasers. They also …

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Sensing VS Intuition – Why Sensors Rule The World

Sensors are everywhere. They’re smart. They’re confident. They’re proactive. Why are Sensors so dominant in the modern world and why have Sensors so completely outcompeted iNtuitives in matters of politics, business, and popular culture? Sensory types have come to dominate much of modern society. Sensors today represent trendiness, mastery, confidence, assertiveness, and vitality. In many …

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