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NF Stereotypes

There’s a ton of stereotypes raging around all the MBTI types. But what do people say about your personality type? Discover some of the NF Stereotypes in this article. This article will talk about INFJ stereotypes, ENFJ stereotypes, INFP stereotypes and ENFP stereotypes. NF Stereotypes People tend to say ENFPs are fickle dream-chasers. They also …

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INFJ-INFP Relationship “The Buddy Idealists”

INFJ INFP RELATIONSHIP. Today I want to talk about the INFP and INFJ relationship, discussing how these two types match. I call this the Mentor-mentee relationship and consider this to be a very compatible and favourable matchup, giving it a 75% compatibility rating. Relationship Compatibility Type Values Dynamic Communication INFJ-INFP 75 Mentor Idealistic Buddy Introspective …

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INFP Enneagram 4 “The Unrealist” Explained

Discover the Enneagram type 4 INFP. What makes an INFP 4 enneagram different from other INFPs? Confidence, and an outright refusal to be a square peg in the system. The Unrealist is a type that has its own unique perspective on the world. Your struggle is to fit in. Learn more about INFPs INFP Enneagram …

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The INFP Empath: The secret power of INFPs

Today, I want to talk about the secret power of INFPs. I believe that INFPs are one of the most spiritually powerful personality types. One of the strongest, most powerful archetypal forms of the INFP personality type is the position of the Healer. INFPs are not just here to right wrongs in our society, but …

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The Laziest MBTI I How To Be Less Lazy Using The MBTI

Today, we are ranking the 16 MBTI personality types. Which is the laziest MBTI? And how to be less lazy using the MBTI? First, let’s define laziness as lacking in energy or motivation towards an activity. Laziness can be manifested as postponing or delaying action or doing an action more slowly or without conscious energy …

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