Cognitive Functions

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ENTP Cognitive Functions Meeting

Transcript (automatic) okay team let’s be real here things arenot going so wellfrankly extroverted feeling on the lastmeeting we hadall you did was talk you said nothing ofvalue during the whole entire meetingyour yokes were a distraction fromgetting anything productive donean extraordinary intuition honestly yourideas are just outrageouswhat are you thinking when we when willwe …

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understanding the infj sage

10 Things Introverted iNtuitives “Sages” Want You To Understand

INFJ and INTJ behaviour can be really tricky to understand. They are often unconvential and strange. They don’t follow traditional recipes and methods. These types tend to have strange or unusual beliefs. They struggle to explain their own thinking process. This is because they use Introverted iNtuition, a cognitive function that loves originality and the …

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16 personalities relax

How do the 16 Personalities Relax?

What do the different personality types to relax and have fun? That depends on your cognitive function! Learn about my groundbreaking new theories on how we use all the eight cognitive functions in today’s article and video! Personality type Stressed & Serious Relaxed & having fun ESXJ Introverted iNtuition (Philosophy) Extroverted Sensing(Going out) ENXJ Introverted …

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Stress function, the Adult function, Adult responsibilities

How To Manage The “Stress Function”

Stress can completely deflate a person, changing one’s personality. Warm-hearted, sensitive types can become cold or aggressive, and logical and sharp individuals might find themselves become more emotional than normal. Stress does not have to be something negative however, and you can learn to thrive and manage stress in a positive way. The first thing …

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Extroverted feeling tips

Become Better At Extroverted Feeling “Charisma” Than An EXFJ

ENFJs and ESFJs have a natural kind of charisma that just flows out of them when they are relaxed. If in a good mental state, these types are effortlessly funny, charming, and good at connecting with just about anyone. This comes from Extroverted Feeling, the cognitive function most associated with interpersonal relationships and communication. But …

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The deeper emotions of the sixteen personalities

The Emotional Lives of the Sixteen Personalities

Can we predict a persons type simply by observing what they are feeling and how they deal with those feelings? Yes. Definitely. Our feelings are always honest with us and tell us more about ourselves than our thoughts and reasons do. If you can spot what emotions are driving a person and how they respond …

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Cognitive Function Test

Everyone is intelligent in their own little way. This test will teach you that there are multiple forms of intelligences and abilities. Most people are specialised to have certain talents that are relatively stronger than their other talents.  This is not a general intelligence test and it doesn’t test out exactly how intelligent you are, …

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INFJ Extroverted Sensing, INFJ Weakness, INFJ Struggles, Extroverted Sensing In INFJs, Extroverted Sensing for INFJs

My Eleven INFJ Struggles With Extroverted Sensing

In a recent livestream with Jack Aaron, who practices Socionics, I was questioned on my Extroverted Sensing. His remark was that I seemed fairly comfortable with Extroverted Sensing, without valuing it. After the discussion, I thought to myself that I would discuss my experiences with Extroverted Sensing and how I see it as an INFJ …

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Ni dominant, Ni type, Introverted intuitive type, Introverted iNtuitive Subtype, Dominant Introverted iNtuition

Ni – The Introverted iNtuitive Subtype

What happens when introverted iNtuition is your dominant function?  Dominant introverted intuition INFJ, INTJ, INTP, and INFP are the four types that can all have dominant introverted iNtuition in flow.  The introverted iNtuitive type has an anxiety that for other types can be hard to understand. The introverted iNtuitive type can’t handle not knowing or …

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What is interesting is what happens when we start explaining the intersection between values and behaviour.  Behaviour We behave to acquire needs (for example we may need novelty, or we may need evidence, we may feel a need to be cautious, or to do something)  Mental (5) want to understand the world mentally, it is …

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