Take the Enneagram Test, What is your Enneagram Type? How do you know your Enneagram Type?

Erik Thor’s Enneagram Test

What is my Enneagram and How do I find out my Enneagram Type? Find out your strongest Enneagram types and learn about how your mindset and behaviour is connected. Challenge limiting beliefs about yourself to make healthier decisions.   Why should you take an Enneagram personality test? Firstly, it helps you understand your own mindset. …

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New enneagram test

My new Enneagram Test

I was finally able to create a smart way to test for people’s Enneagram Types. Using the three centres, the instincts, and three attachment styles as inspiration, I was able to create an Enneagram Test! Take The New Enneagram Test The twelve types In the test, you can either be sorted into one of nine …

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What is interesting is what happens when we start explaining the intersection between values and behaviour.  Behaviour We behave to acquire needs (for example we may need novelty, or we may need evidence, we may feel a need to be cautious, or to do something)  Mental (5) want to understand the world mentally, it is …

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Instincts and navigation

Some types are most likely to focus on their experience of their self. These people will often focus on their “story” or “journey” – who am I, where am I headed, what am I? I have always felt I was very self-oriented…

How To Predict How Someone Will Act Using The Enneagram

Do you want to be able to predict human behaviour? Motivation plays such a central role in human decision making, both conscious and unconscious. Because of this, humans think about, recite, repeat, and go over their motivations on a daily basis. It’s actually not that hard to guess a persons motivations if you listen to …

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Enneagram Tritypes – Discoveries and Insights

I believe tritypes have been used in the opposite way that they should have been. Tritypes have been used to simply design quick categories, rather than to describe the complicated chains in which our emotions and our stories are written. I believe tritypes work as self-reinforcing scripts with core importance placed on the middle enneagram …

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What are you torn between based on your Enneagram type?

Enneagram 1: You are torn between what you want, and your thirst for adventure and greatness. Because of your need for thrill, stimulation, and adventure, the ideas you have may be too grandiose to fullfil in just one lifetime. You think, if it’s not grand, if it’s not an adventure, it’s not worth wanting. You may …

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Four Enneagram Centres

Read: The Four Enneagram Paths Get the e-book and learn more Do you let your heart or your head decide? Do you trust your gut or your instincts the most? These distinctions will help you understand the Enneagram better. The heart is about our value, our worth, our importance to others and to ourselves. The …

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enneagram paths

Four Core Enneagram Desires

Enneagram Test In the Enneagram, there are three primary centres – the heart (234), the gut (891), and the head (567). These all represent where your emotions are felt. Often, the head emotions can be felt, well, in the head, as a frustration or anxiety or worry. The heart types can feel a tug of shame or …

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Enneagram Body Language

How you express emotions is unique to your personality type. How you smile, laugh, or express anger depends on your unique temperament and values. I’ve found that if you know a persons personality type, you can also easily deduce their enneagram type based on their normal expressions they engage in and the emotions they express. …

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infp muse

The INFP Muse

The INFP has an ENFJ muse, which means, they engage in and access EN, FJ, NJ and EF unconsciously. To gain the benefits of the ENFJ, typically, you have to act in a way that you personally consider to be ethically correct, brave, positive, and in line with your dreams. We are the most in …

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