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The ENFP Omnivert – Why ENFPs Aren’t Extroverted

NEITHER EXTROVERTED NOR INTROVERTED. Meet the ENFP Omnivert. Many ENFPs struggle to determine whether they are extroverts or introverts. Often, these types feel that they somehow manage to be both at the same time. The ENFP Omnivert is not outgoing like the ENFJ, and not withdrawn or reserved like the INFP. Instead, like the INFJ …

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INTP and INFP Neuroticism Explained

INTP and INFP Neuroticism. We live in a world that tends to celebrate extroverts and critique introverts. Introversion is still today seen as something negative, while extroversion is regarded as something positive and healthy. The two personality types that suffer the most from this are the INFP and INTP personality types. INTPs dominate the charts …

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Do Empaths Exist?

Today I want to talk about the empath stereotype. Many seem to hold false misconceptions about themselves. Believing they are empaths, or believing their ability to feel empathy is somehow superhuman. But do empaths exist? Are INFJs empaths? Take the below image I found online. I modified it in red to clarify the problem with …

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The Young Vs Mature ENFP

Most ENFP Personality descriptions found online are only written to appeal to one particular version of the ENFP personality type, typically those that are in their mid 20’s or those who are searching for a clear identity. It makes sense then, a lot of people do not relate to the traditional descriptions of ENFPs. Because …

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