How To Spot A Narcissist In 5 Steps Or Less

How to spot a narcissist? The truth is, narcissists can be really tricky to spot. Most narcissists know how to make themselves sound good and how to make you feel bad. It’s easy to second-guess yourself around a narcissist. Have you ever found yourself going along with a narcissists games, thinking “Maybe I’m the one in the wrong?” “Maybe I’m just crazy”. It’s easy to start making excuses for a narcissist – and if you don’t, they’ll come up with one for you.

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INTJ INFP Relationship

New video: Do INFPs and INTJs match? Are INTJs and INFPs romantically compatible? INTJs and INFPs have about a 65% relationship compatibility suggesting that at least 6% of all INTJs can find long-term love together with an INFP partner. This makes the INFP-INTJ matchup one of the more favourable and successful pairings. In today’s article, …

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Ideal Partner Personality Test

What personality type is your ideal match?  My ideal partner test can help you reflect on and put into paper what you want or like about your partner or what you would like in a future relationship. It can also help awaken you to things you might struggle with in a relationship or what you …

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