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ERIK THOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I post videos 1-3 times week. My videos are about the 16 personalities, the MBTI, Enneagram and Personal Growth. My YouTube channel has more than 100,000 visitors every month.

My videos have gotten popular and my most popular videos are about the 16 personalities, the MBTI subtypes, and the body language of the 16 personality types.

The Personality Types Ranked By Laziness

My videos are made to be fun, engaging, and informative. I cover the latest insights on personality psychology, the cognitive functions and personality types.

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Explore my YouTube videos below and enjoy interesting content and theories on the different personality types.

Are INFPs Lazy?

Check out my article on the laziest MBTI type ranked. Watch my video explaining the rankings here. The most lazy MBTI type revealed: Do you agree that INFPs are the laziest MBTI?

The laziest MBTI

Your Number Three Top YouTuber?

My channel was featured as one of the top three best MBTI YouTube channels in Boo’s list. Yay! Check out the article here. There’s many awesome submissions on the list, like Love Who and Frank James channel. I am honoured to be mentioned alongside those stars!

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Sensing VS Intuition – Why Sensors Rule The World

Sensors are everywhere. They’re smart. They’re confident. They’re proactive. Why are Sensors so dominant in the modern world and why have Sensors so completely outcompeted iNtuitives in matters of politics, business, and popular culture? Sensory types have come to dominate much of modern society. Sensors today represent trendiness, mastery, confidence, assertiveness, and vitality. In many …

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ENTP Cognitive Functions Meeting

Transcript (automatic) okay team let’s be real here things arenot going so wellfrankly extroverted feeling on the lastmeeting we hadall you did was talk you said nothing ofvalue during the whole entire meetingyour yokes were a distraction fromgetting anything productive donean extraordinary intuition honestly yourideas are just outrageouswhat are you thinking when we when willwe …

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