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wdt_ID Name MBTI Subtype Field Description Nationality Enneagram
Name MBTI Subtype Field Description Nationality Enneagram

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What type is your favourite celebrity?

Let's talk about celebrity types. What are some examples of famous personality types across the world? What do the different personality types look like when famous? My name is Erik Thor and I've been studying personality psychology for almost ten years.

I built this library of famous personality types over several years analysing more than 650+ celebrities. I did not type these people alone. Certainly, I had the help of other practiced professionals with long experience in applying personality psychology. When doing research into celebrity types, I rely on the following strategies:

Learn how to type people

How to type famous people

  • Firstly, body language. I do not type people based on their physical appearance. Instead, I type people based on how they smile. How they make eye contact, how they tense their brows when talking.
  • Secondly, observable personality traits. Certainly, how quick the person is to take initiative in a conversation. How fast-paced their tempo is. How much curiosity they show, and what their interests and values are.
  • Thirdly, their cognitive functions, which is, how they think and process information. What key motivations and goals they tend to have.
  • Finally, what archetypes they appear to portray, for example The Philosopher (Introverted iNtuition), or The Adventurer (Extroverted Sensing)

When typing celebrities and friends and family members, it's important to rely on multiple forms of evidence. Have the support of other people. However, be aware that you may have a negative or positive bias about a person that could cloud your judgement. Importantly, have other practiced professionals help you in typing a person to help improve your accuracy.


Celebrity Personalities


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I can give elaborate insight into different celebrities if you purchase a celebrity report. Get advanced information about your favourite celebrity and learn about how their personality compares to yours. How similar are you? What is it you relate to or like about this celebrity?


Famous personality types

What personality types are most likely to become famous? This is my current distribution. From the people that I have typed so far, INTJs and INTPs have dominated the ranks. You can also see that ENFJs and ENTPs are close behind.

What kind of celebrity types have I looked at?

I have looked at the personality types of celebrities from many different areas. But primarily, I have studied actors, fictional characters, politicians and musicians. However, there are still thousands of people I have yet to type. Want to add a person to the library? Leave a comment below.

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