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I offer coaching and services and e-books. My coaching is an open space that you can use to explore your personality type, your values, and your goals. My goal is not to tell you what personality type you are or what decisions you should make, but to help you discover what type you are, and to help you make your own decisions. I believe in:

  • Everyone's right to define themselves and who they are - you know yourself best. I am only here to help you understand the theory and tools so that you can do it
  • Listening and asking questions to make sure that I understand you correctly. A coach should look at you without bias.
  • That your type is who you are at your best - in a positive state of flow. You can behave in any way in any situation, but ultimately, you are who you are at your core, what you want, need, and what you value most.

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I am passionate about helping you understand yourself better. I want to create a world famous community for self-exploration and personal growth. Want to help? Consider donating or sharing my articles on social media. 

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