Coaching or Type Consultation?

First, you’ll want to figure out if you want a type consultation or a coaching session. If you record a video of yourself to YouTube, I can give you an in-depth assessment of your personality type. If you rather want to discuss type theory with me, a Skype call is a better option.

How I became the smiling melancholic

My name is Erik Thor and I apply a Neojungian approach to find your personality type in flow. I analyse your personality type by trying to understand your primary interests and passions in life.

Then I can help you through the ins- and outs of typing and help you clarify any misunderstandings or confusion you might have on your own type or other personality types. To figure out what’s best for you, here’s a basic check-list:

Type Consultation

  • I want to get officially typed in Neojungian Typology
  • I want you to take time to figure out and get an idea about who I am
  • I want comprehensive information into how I embody the traits of my flow type

If you make a type consultation video, I have a set of questions you can answer in the video that will help me get an as accurate idea of you as possible.

1. What key values are most important to you?

2. Do you prefer to deal with people or to deal with people’s emotions?

3. What matters most to you, being responsible or being able to explore?

4. Are you more modest or more ambitious?

5. Do you find yourself more interested in developing your skills and abilities or befriending the people around you?

6. Do you find yourself to be more disciplined and controlled or more open to change and adaptation?

7. What matters more to you, a life of immediate action, or more slow-paced long-term visions?

8. Do you value critical thinking about an issue more than passionate action?

9. Is it more important for you to be pragmatic or to be understanding towards others?

10. Do you find yourself to be more optimistic or pessimistic?

11. What do you find yourself struggling with?

12. What do you find yourself doing well at?

13. How are you when anxious?

14. What would you like to improve in yourself?

15. How are you in flow?

Coaching session

  • I want to discuss my personality type or my results
  • I want to discuss potential for growth and self-development
  • I want help to succeed in a project
  • I want to talk about my relationships, friends, and family members

You can get a type consultation if you pledge USD 20 on You can get a coaching session for 30 minutes for 30 USD on Patreon. After you’ve subscribed, send me a message to [email protected] with your video or with your request for a type consultation. A pledge is billed monthly, but you can cancel your pledge at anytime.

A note about time-zones

I am Swedish but I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and my time zone is GMT+1. If it would be 08.00 GMT+1 it would be 02.00 in New York and 18.00 in Sydney, Australia. My available times are usually between 08.00-12.00 or 18.00-22.00 GMT+1. Check this time and date calculator to figure out our best time to talk.

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