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Coaching for Flow and Individuation

Take the next step on your own Hero’s Journey

Every person has their own individual path to walk. We walk these paths alone, yet that does not mean that our paths cannot cross. I can provide you with a space to reflect on your life and your path and where you are headed. 

My coaching is meant for people seeking individuation and self-transcendence

The autopilot is a constant looming threat of any individual. To lose consciousness and to walk without awareness or to act without clear intent. It is easy to lose yourself in a world that keeps telling you to be someone else than who you really are.

But by constantly allowing yourself time and space and by honoring your thoughts and intentions, you remind yourself that you matter and that you are worthy and that you have value. I see it as my goal to provide a mirror for people, so that they can see themselves more clearly. My passion is to make you feel understood and to make you aware of what it is that you are thinking. 

My coaching is for you if

  1. You want a space to become more aware of yourself
  1. You want to explore a question in greater nuance
  1. You want to understand your goals or passions better

Imagine if

  1. You saw and knew yourself and what your values were
  1. You had no more judgment towards yourself
  1. You grew the power and confidence to walk your own path
  1. You learnt to stand up for yourself and your unique values
  1. You learnt how to reach and maintain a state of flow
  1. You started knowing how to break out of the box and build a new sense of self

My coaching program

The goal of my coaching is to help you reach and maintain a flow state, and to become individuated and fully connected to yourself. But how does it work?


Sessions range from 30 minutes (50$) 25$ or 60 minutes (100$) 50$ and can be provided on a monthly basis. Sessions are offered via a personal Zoom link. You can also choose to only make a one-time pledge if you would only prefer to have one session, or to lower your pledge after your initial payment. 


Coaching is offered for my Patrons. As a Patron, on top of monthly coaching, you get access to my personal diaries, special content, and insight. You can use this space as a patron to explore a variety of questions or to request videos or extra articles. My Patreon page offers plenty of inspiration and personal stories from my own exploration.


Erik is an MBTI expert! He’s very wise, and gives wonderful advice. He’s nonjudgmental, and always available to his peers. He is devoted to his cause, and has a wealth of information. I implicitly trust his judgment.


I really enjoy Erik’s insightful videos that are full of passion without judgements. I’m learning a lot about what is already known about MBTI, but also thinking outside of the box and asking new questions that will push human understanding to a new level.


Erik, I absolutely love your YouTube videos and have taken so much from them. At least every day or so while observing my behavior I think of some insight you pointed out as to what the root causes might be. I love how perceptive you are and your deep understanding of the ENFP. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do, it matters!



Have you watched one of my YouTube videos or read one of my articles online and do you have questions you would like to explore more?

Do you have doubts about your personality type or are you looking to understand your personality type better?

Are you struggling with a personal issue or in your relationships and are you looking for outside perspective to understand your situation better?

For 50$ 25$ you can receive 30 minute coaching via Patreon. For people with short questions or specific goals.

For 100$ 50$ you can receive 60 minute coaching via Patreon. Recommended for people who want more time to explore an issue.


I have always felt a deep sense of connection to humanity and to other people. For me, these coaching sessions have often led to deep personal insight and a chance for me to get a better perspective and a chance to understand psychology on a real level. With every session, I learn more about people in a more real way. It feels really rewarding to know that there are people out there who resonate with my content. Therefore, I am happy to give coaching to anyone who wants. 


I always recommend for people to clarify what their expectations are before the call. If you already know your question, I can offer you better and more direct help. 


Unlike many in my arena, my goal is not to tell you who you are or what your journey is, but rather, to help you find out for yourself. I listen intently to your words, and how you say things, and pay close attention to your feelings and actions. I ask questions to help you become more aware of these things too, so that you can become more mindful of yourself. 


Sometimes, people hide their personality from me, because they want to use the session to see if I see them the same way they see themselves, and while this is okay, I personally recommend that you are honest about how you see yourself and try to share yourself as openly as possible. We don’t overcome bias by hiding it away from other people, but by revealing and becoming mindful of it. 


  1. Using an empirical approach

I believe in an empirical approach, using trial and error to help you determine your personality type. The goal of every session is that we make it more clear what it is you want or what you value. After we have done this, we form a type hypothesis, a theory that you can test through actions in the outer world. In future sessions, we can explore how your tests went. 

  1. Using triangulation

Personality type is not fixed. Personality type is a spectrum. Every person exists in a boundary between three different personality types. I determine personality type through the use of triangulation. By defining three neighboring types, you can start to learn the edges and boundaries of your type, and other personality types. This leads to a broader seeing of self, not just as one type, but as a unique person, who stands in between three spaces. By defining these edges, and testing the boundaries of yourself, you can develop a more true self-awareness.

  1. Using body language

Your body language can reveal a lot about you and your personality. While not an absolute, or reliable answer on its own, it adds an extra level to what you say and do, and can be an interesting way to see connections between what you say, how you say it, and your facial expressions while you say it. 


I have offered coaching to more than a hundred people, and many become regulars who often come back to me from time to time. Some are people who want to figure out their personality type. Some are people who simply share my fascination with understanding the human mind, and want a chance to explore a topic or interest together with me. 

I believe that the correct understanding of Jungian theories, and an honest pursuit of self-awareness can lead to immense personal growth and higher consciousness. Nobody starts out by knowing what their path is, but everyone has their own path to walk. Your path becomes more clear with every step, but also with self-reflection. If you ever feel lost or uncertain, that suggests it’s time to seek outer inspiration, or perspective, from a friend, family member, or someone you admire or feel a connection to. 

I specialize in Carl Jung and the psychology of Individuation. I believe Jungs quest, just as the quest for Buddhists and people in the age of enlightenment, is Gnosis, or knowing. By knowing yourself and by understanding people, you overcome ignorance and can make decisions that will bring love, happiness, and connection. 

Most importantly, I have found that there is a connection behind self-awareness and the powerful state we know as the Flow State. In knowing who you are, there is a great power that leads to intense creative energy, and passion. Many of the most prolific people in the world that we know today, great inventors, frontrunners, intellectuals, and athletes, are people who have gained self-awareness and learnt how to harness their own inner energy by being true to themselves. 

If you want to get coaching, enroll today by becoming a Patron.

Not convinced yet?

How do the bookings work?

I have an online calendar where you can book the time that suits you best. I offer plenty of times to choose from, and if you have trouble finding a good time, just send me a message and we’ll work something out!

Can I get my money back?

If you change your mind, you have a right to a refund within one month of your payment. You cannot get a refund after the session.

Do I have to make a monthly pledge?

You can choose to withdraw your pledge directly after making your pledge, and making it a one-time contribution. You can also lower your pledge.

What if I disagree with you?

The most important part isn’t what I tell you, it’s what you think. You have to find your own path and your own answer. Just be honest with me about how you see things, and I will work with you and help you find the right answer.


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