Do you have any doubts about your personality type, subtype, or personality? Would you like special insights into your flow type, or are you looking for coaching and feedback to grow and improve as a person?

Patrons can unlock and discover their personality type in three ways.

Find out your personality type

If you’re not looking for coaching but rather help finding out your personality type, send me a video, audio sample, or some in-depth answers to eight questions I’ve prepared for you.

Personality profiling is for Patrons who pledge 20$ or more. It goes via audio, video, or e-mail. Or if you prefer talking to me directly, you can request coaching below:

Coaching / Profiling

Book me for coaching, and let’s talk for 30 minutes about you, your type, your passions and your challenges. Thinking about getting another career? Struggling with something at work or in your relationships? Looking to make a change or to invest time in your personal growth? I can help.

I can also help you figure out and understand your own personality type better in a special profiling session. This is a way to discuss or clarify any doubts or uncertainties you may have about your type or subtype. This is for Patrons who pledge 50$ or more.

In-Depth Coaching / Profiling

Looking for a longer coaching session with follow-ups and reports? I can develop advanced personality profiles and help you get unique feedback and insight into your personality type. In-depth coaching can be combined with video interviews and can be used for people looking for a more in-depth and complete assessment. This is for Patrons who pledge 75$ or more.

How Do I Type People?

I believe ethics are important when typing another person. Ultimately, it comes down to your own self-awareness. Only you can say who you really are – I can only help you by providing the right tools and keys to figuring out yourself. My process is open-ended and you decide the direction and the process to getting the right answer. I am only going to be a guide that will help you find your way, not a judge or executioner to give you a label.

I type people using a combination of different metrics. It’s like completing a puzzle. I want every piece to fit into a nice whole. I look at your body language, how you talk, your self-assessment and your answers to my questions, your results on personality tests, and your behavioural quirks and how you act. What you seem most passionate about, how you are when you are feeling energetic, as opposed to who you are when you seem more stressed.

I take time to form an opinion about a person. Sometimes I need a few days or a week to give you a more complete answer. I am careful to not jump too quick to an opinion as I want to stay clear of bias and stereotypes. I believe speed-typing is a scam. Typing is a rigorous, in-depth process where you have to learn to empathise and see things from the other persons point of view. How do they think? What do they feel? What are their motivations? These are things you can not understand in just a minute, but things that require time and processing.

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