The Cognitive Functions – What is your #flowcode?

Howard Gardner believed every person we were all gifted and intelligent in different ways. Carl Jung believed everyone used different cognitive functions. Everyone has an archetype or an identity that means something very important to them. I call it a flow code. Your flow type reflects what you love and enjoy to do, and what you are good at. What’s your #flowcode?

The Observers

Introverted iNtuition is the primary function we use to imagine and conceptualise our thoughts and novel thoughts. Introverted Sensing knows itself and its surroundings and understands the value of moderation and patience. Extroverted Sensing is active and heroic and likes when there’s things happening around them. Extroverted iNtuition loves novelty and a good surprise and is always thinking about what to change.

What makes an observer? High perception and high awareness. Observers pay conscious attention to their environment or their thoughts. 

The Reviewers

Introverted Feeling helps bring you balance and peace and awareness of what is right and wrong. Introverted Thinking excels at critical thinking and loves to improve and make better on things. Extroverted Thinking is forceful and strong and likes to prove itself to others. Extroverted Feeling is loving and romantic and likes the chance to deepen bonds and friendships.

Reviewers tend to show strong awareness and discernment. They know what they want and what is right and wrong to do. Not you? There’s sixteen more. 

Share this picture with others and see which one they relate to best!

The Deciders

Feeling Perceiving loves to express itself and its feelings through art, music, or social activities. They are reporters and great listeners with high attention to nuance. Thinking Perceiving likes to improve and make things more efficient. It thinks about what new skills to learn and what could be better. 

Thinking Judging is hard-working and ambitious. It wants to reach more goals and targets and values productivity and results. Feeling Judging wants to give to and to support their environment by helping and listening to the people around them. Their focus is on the group and on diplomacy and team-building.

The Navigators

iNtuitive Perceiving values change and variation and diversity. It dislikes stagnation and prefers to try new things. Sensing Perceiving likes to have fun with others, thinking about how to entertain and engage others. They love when things are happening around them. 

Sensing Judging values stability and order and organisation. It values discipline and self-control and timing. iNtuitive Judging likes to speculate and dream and build up a vision of the future. It focuses on what things will become over time and thinks about long-term problems and possibilities. 

Multiple Intelligences

Each archetype in the #flowcode gives you a specific intelligence or ability. Which one did you get? Does it fit you? 

Introverted iNtuitionExistential intelligence
Extroverted iNtuitionMetaphysical Intelligence
Extroverted SensingNature Intelligence
Introverted SensingLife Intelligence
Extroverted FeelingInterpersonal Intelligence
Introverted FeelingIntropersonal Intelligence
Introverted ThinkingCritical Intelligence
Extroverted ThinkingDynamic Intelligence
Thinking PerceivingLogical Intelligence
Thinking JudgingSystems Intelligence
Feeling JudgingCommunication Intelligence
Feeling PerceivingArtistic Intelligence
Intuitive PerceivingChange Intelligence
Intuitive JudgingFuture Intelligence
Sensing JudgingOrganisation Intelligence
Sensing PerceivingKinaesthetic Intelligence

The cognitive functions are meant to be a tool to help you understand your own thinking patterns. The next step is developing these cognitive functions into true intelligences that can help you in work, life, and relationships. There is level one introverted iNtuition and. level nine introverted iNtuition. A level one type may be unable to address issues of the tribe, of their career, of family, success, community, or the universe. Their thinking may be short-term and their solutions inadequate.