Today, I want to talk about Introverted iNtuition, or Ni for short. Introverted iNtuition (Ni) evolved as a cognitive function in humans and animals alike as a means to help us visualise an outcome that we then act to realise in the world around us.

Introverted iNtuition is NOT a gut instinct, it is a highly refined picture, visualisation, or abstract map to help us navigate the real world.

Introverted iNtuition is NOT seeing meaning in the universe, it is a cognitive function outside of value or worth, it is purely seeing in your minds eye, a possible outcome.

Finally, Introverted iNtuition is NOT a sixth sense, or the ability to see the future. Instead, Introverted iNtuition is the ability to envision an outcome and to act in a way so that this outcome will come to pass. Introverted iNtuition relies on primarily cerebral means, through the use of the imagination and language, to conjure up or describe a possible situation. This is the cognitive function of an INFJ Creator or INTJ Visionary.

While any personality type CAN use Introverted iNtuition, INFJs and INTJs have the ability to natively access and use this cognitive function without any effort. Beyond this, INFJs and INTJs use this cognitive function as a goal in and of itself. It is not a means to an end. It's not about preventing a negative situation, it's not used out of fear, or shame, it is used in and of itself. Because it is valued and important.

Meet Introverted iNtuition 'The Philosopher'

The philosopher is a person that uses wisdom to navigate life. You rely on Introverted iNtuition to give you an idea about what is going to happen before it actually has occurred. Wisdom gives you the ability to act ahead of a situation as if you knew what was going to happen.

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INFJs and INTJs are the two personality types that demonstrate the most strong, profound, and natural version of Introverted iNtuition. These two types tend to have high confidence in their ideas and projects.

Firstly, Philosophers believe that they can speculate on the future and that they can know what is going to happen in advance of a situation. Secondly, as a philosopher, you spend much time trying to formulate a plan or a vision about something ahead of time. Finally, you would say your ideas came about naturally inside you. You believe that you just knew, and that you knew without a doubt that something was going to happen.

Furthermore, it was not just that you knew what was ahead, but it was that you felt that you could shape the future of the world. INFJs and INTJs believe themselves to be not just seers, but also visionaries. You think that you can transform the world to be the way you think is ideal. Philosopher's

What personality types have the strongest wisdom?

Firstly, the personality type who has the strongest Introverted iNtuition is arguably the INFJ personality type. This is because of the highly feminine nature of this type. The INTJ comes second place, because their Thinking nature makes them more dismissive to "farfetched" ideas or too eccentric or naive notions. Still, both these two types have Introverted iNtuition as their flow function, and both enjoy using this function just as much.

Secondly, INFPs and INTPs are two runner ups, also known for a highly complex ability to visualise and understand abstract concepts and theories. The problem is, these two types tend to have less of an interest in shaping or transforming a concept. Most of the time, these types tend to let Introverted iNtuition remain in the "play" stage.

Thirdly, ENFJs and ENTJs are two types that excel in and work hard to shape and transform the future, just like an INFJ or INTJ would, but on the other hand, these types find it harder to access their Introverted iNtuition. Many times, it has to be forced or inspired out by their environment.

Lastly, a personality type that really struggles with Introverted iNtuition is the ISTJ. This type will find it hard to think originally as they prefer to rest on convention and practice. They also tend to dismiss these thoughts as silly or pointless. Because, who could ever claim to know anything about the future?

What is Introverted iNtuition 'Wisdom'?

What is Introverted iNtuition, The Philosopher, Wisdom, Existential Intelligence

How can you best describe Introverted iNtuition? I would say that at best, it is wisdom. However, at its worst, it is folly. Introverted iNtuition can drive an obsession, often with strange or impossible ideas.

Importantly, you can have eccentric ideas about the world that are far-removed from reality. You can develop a single minded tunnel-vision as you work towards proving a theory that has no basis in practical fact.

Philosophers are people that can have fascinating theories about the world, sometimes ground-breaking ones. INFJs and INTJs can also be people that transform the world and make it become something new and different compared to what it was before.

At the very best, Philosophers have an extraordinary existential intelligence. You naturally "get" how the world works. You can explain the impossible. You can help people cope with difficult facts of life, such as life and death, happiness, and what lies ahead in the future.

Existential Intelligence

Firstly, existential intelligence helps us to understand the future. There are many problems facing the planet, global warming, technological advancements, and more. Just take COVID-19. How do we deal with the existential ramifications of this global pandemic?

Secondly, philosophers are needed in the world because without them, our existential struggles would only multiply. We would be facing these problems without an idea of what is possible in the future. Introverted iNtuition is my strongest cognitive function and my love for this process has helped me develop this website over the years.

Lastly, Existential intelligence is wisdom and this intelligence can really transform your life. It can give you perspective on relationships and experiences that you have. It can help you make better career and lifestyle choices. So how has Introverted iNtuition helped you and what do you like most about this cognitive function?

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One comment on “Introverted iNtuition | Ni | Creative Vision”

  1. Thank you for this information. It helps me to understand myself better, and therefore to step into my Role more fully.

    At my work, I am the consultant for my boss. I somehow can see ahead into the future of what is coming for our company and have a keen sense of how to prepare and how to strengthen our team. I just "know" things and he has come to recognize and highly value this trait while still challenging my perception when he feels differently. The balance of that helps to keep my ideologies in check.

    I am learning to utilize others in growing my own business and recognize that I benefit from having someone else challenge my thoughts, and direction. I am benefiting from meditation practices and becoming more aware of the experience I am having and using my own physiological responses as a compass to help me move more accurately in the direction of where I am going. I guess while my skills have been brilliant in helping to direct someone else's vision, I have more challenges in directing my own unless I more consciously EMBODY my experience. MOVE my body more, get out and EXPERIENCE more variety, interact with people outside of the controlled environment that I have carefully constructed. Allowing my thinking to be challenged is VITAL to my optimal function.

    Thank you again. Jung's work is deep. I appreciate your perspective and how you have processed it to simplify his concepts and built on them.

    I am interested in the shadow side of my type. Any additional information that you have curated on that? 🙂

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