As an Introverted Sensing type, you have an uncanny sense of detail and attention. You are observant and you listen carefully to what a person says. Your focus is on trying to remember and preserve information for later. You seek to be consistent and to stay true to your words and live according to a sense of history. 

The Introverted Sensing type is known to have a high history intelligence. History intelligence is what gives us the ability to use data from the past to understand issues of the present, the future, and the unknown. The Introverted Sensing seeks empirical facts and data that has been proven and verified. The Introverted Sensing type wants a story to add up. So they listen intently and see if a story contradicts itself or if a definition or explanation makes sense in practice. 

Nickname: The Instructor 
Found in flow types: ISFP, ISFJ, ISTJ, ISTP
Cognitive function: Introverted Sensing
Primary domain: The Known 
History Intelligence
Body language: Tense and observant cheek squint
Key terms: Consistent, Accurate, Detailed, Grounded, Down-To-Earth, Rooted, Knowledgeable

The Instructor Type

Core value: Consistency

The Instructor is a person that seeks to be well-informed and prepared in advance of a situation. They want to know what is going on and want people to explain a situation to them and to define it with precision. In groups, they tend to fill the purpose of teachers and instructors.

Because they value consistency highly, they are usually able to take proper care and to follow instructions well. The Introverted Sensing type is also trusted as a journalist or politician, because they usually seem to know what they are talking about. They come well prepared and they show a high ability to think critically and authenticate information for its validity. They avoid going too much into fluff or into theoretical speculation, and they do not rush to conclusions based on early patterns.

The Introverted Sensing types main struggle is with the realm of the possible. The Introverted Sensing type may early rule out the chances for change in a situation and can ignore or miss opportunities because they hold on the past. They are at times described as old-fashioned in this regard. They like what they already have and they have strong roots. They can feel scared of change because they do not know it or understand how it connects to the past. 

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  1. typo in the infographic at the end i think. where it says "INFP/ISFP", it should say "INFP/INTP" shouldn't it?

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