The Counterphobic 6

While the normal Enneagram 6 prefers security and tradition, the counterphobic 6 is more adventurious. Preferring to experience something directly, they are more outgoing and try to challenge their taste and experience more.

Counterphobic 6 Short Description

Nickname: The Adventurer
Mindset: Experience
Centre: Head type
Core Drive: Pleasure
Negative Drive: Displeasure

Counterphobic 6s At Their Best And Worst

The counterphobic 6 is hedonistic and likes good experiences. They seek to enjoy the best in life. If they worry about something, they would prefer to ask a question directly to confirm it is correct.

If they are unsure of something, they will experiment to test and see what happens. Rather than prepare or spend time thinking about it, they tend to want to find out what is going on as soon as possible.

Because of their desire to experience things directly first-hand, they are often inclined to be on stage and in the spotlight. They tend to be the first to bring up or mention something. They are very attentive and energetic. The Counterphobic Enneagram 6 will try to deal with anxiety by making their environment comfortable and pleasant. Preferring a hands on approach, they may sometimes act recklessly, rushing through for a solution as fast as possible.